Liaoning suffered the most severe winter haze invasion local pollution once burst table original title: Liaoning suffered the most severe winter haze invasion Beijing November 5 Shenyang Xinhua (reporter Zhu Mingyu) Liaoning province ushered in 5 large-scale invasion of haze, more than half of the city suffered severe pollution. Day morning, the China News Agency reporter saw in the streets of Shenyang Province, the gray haze on both sides of buildings will be covered, the visibility is very low, a lot of people wearing masks in outdoor travel, stay too long will feel depressed, driving slowly. Liaoning provincial environmental protection department released data show that more than half of the province’s 5 cities for severe pollution, the main pollutants for fine particulate matter PM2.5. Which Shenyang, Anshan, Liaoyang and other cities air quality AQI index rose to 500, was a burst table status. Environmental protection department, said the Liaoning a wide range of air pollution and heating coal, seasonal straw burning, adverse weather conditions, etc.. At present, the relevant departments have thorough investigation of coal-fired boiler, dust control, Jinshao straw, do the work to deal with heavy pollution weather. Due to severe haze influence, Liaoning has closed three highways, which connect Hebei Jinghagaosu direction 10000 station exit closed, stranded vehicles to a length of about 30 km. Daily economic news reporter learned that the day the general choice of railway transportation and other means of travel. Medical experts, in heavily polluted environment, the health of the population will be reduced exercise tolerance, there is a strong reaction. Therefore, children, the elderly and patients should stay indoors to avoid physical exertion, the general population should avoid outdoor activities. Liaoning provincial meteorological department said, Liaoning will usher in a stream of cold air in 2 days, brought down and the snow, with the pollutant diffusion conditions improved, the air quality will be significantly improved. (end) editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章:

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