Kunling exposes the uterus with polycystic at age of 25 3 births to standard Kunling recently attended the CWLF "help me grow up and help me find a" endorsement of the press conference, with the gingerbread man and help children, not only to send a gift, also mentioned the donation amount expected only 3, appealed to all to help. Jay Chou and her husband last year after giving birth to Hathaway, her hands with children, and recently went to Shanghai film "very wise Chase: Dragon robbery" very busy, asked whether there are plans to have second children, she’s got "polycystic ovary syndrome", lead to hormonal imbalance, under the influence of one plan. By exercising to improve physical fitness at the age of 23, Kunling, originally expected 25 to 3 fetal birth, but because the menstrual period, 3, 4 months ago, accompanied by Jay Chou, the doctor found the uterus with mild problems, fortunately, a few small acne long only on the face, the doctor advised her much exercise, improve physical fitness. She just has a lot of martial arts drama in the film, she every 2 hours of self training, the director also asked her to play before running 3 times, so she does not love to move from a girl to play sports every day of the female offspring. She said: "I will take this movie more practice, I also have to eat medicine, can see a little better, because I lack of blood, I find that I finished the martial arts drama, healthy spirit!" She and Jay Chou have no contraception, everything comes naturally, "know (polycystic problem) after I want to speak, to relax, nursed back to good health." She also had 3 child will comfort myself exhausted, slowly better. She is both family and work together with the child and mother to Shanghai, so the daughter to imitate her good work, let her daughter began to worry about the violence.

昆凌自曝子宫有多囊问题 25岁生3胎难达标昆凌近日出席儿福联盟“助我长大 帮我找家”代言记者会,和助养儿一起做姜饼人,不只送上礼物,也提到捐款金额只有预期的3成,呼吁各界踊跃伸出援手。她和老公周杰伦去年生下Hathaway后,她亲力亲为带小孩,加上近期赴上海拍电影《极智追击:龙凤劫》非常忙碌,被问到是否有计划生第2胎,她自曝得了“多囊性卵巢症候群”,导致荷尔蒙失调,影响下一胎的计画。 靠运动改善体质现年23岁的昆凌,原本预计25岁要生完3胎,但因经期不顺,3、4个月前在周董陪同下看医生,发现子宫有多囊问题,幸好病情轻微,只有脸上长了几颗小青春痘,医生建议她多运动,改善体质。刚好她在电影里有很多武打戏,她每天自我训练2小时,导演还要求她上戏前要折返跑3次,让她从一个不爱动的女孩变成天天运动的女打仔。她说:“我就趁这次拍戏时多练,我也有吃中药,看可不可以好一点,因为我气血不足,我发现拍完武打戏我比较健康、有精神!”她和周董没有避孕,一切顺其自然,“知道(多囊问题)之后,我就想说好啦,先放宽心,调养好身体。”她也安慰自己连生3胎会累死,慢慢来比较好。她为兼顾家庭和工作,把小孩和母亲一起带到上海,女儿因此模仿她的好功夫,让她开始担心女儿有暴力倾向了。相关的主题文章:

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