Love brother brother 9 years of creative photos to create the most beautiful love concern public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! A soldier in Shanxi and his girlfriend, 9 years of love, can only see once a year. In the past 9 years, each of the couples belong to the festival, they can not reunite. So this year, soldier with a group of creative images of love girlfriend: "for 9 years, even though we are apart 198 kilometers, but I have been behind you." Roll, drill, just 7 points, even if not wake you up in the side, our hearts are together every day, I want to send you to work tired, my shoulder is always rely on Scindapsus simple, it represents a kind of busy work also want to eat your favorite movie, I have quietly accompany you to see your bedtime reading habits, now I also like the night sky, you know I think you are a couple of long-distance relationship, a test of love and loyalty to trust each other, to see friends is how to look at it: @ plane away: May you always stand on my left side, because you know I salute right belongs to the motherland. My name is Bryant: once a year, see a rest for a year. Little fish fish-z: Yeah, that’s just pretend we’re together. Thanks @ Trojan: long-distance relationship as long as the feeling most boys do not break up, not really separate, girls are not willing to separate. @Yidannnnn: always want to find a soldier brother, give him all the waiting, together through all the difficulties, as in the previous life doomed. Soldiers have a sense of expectation and patience. Guess you have been in -2037: really admire the love of these soldiers. @xy Xu flame: walk the way you love everything you love. @ @ Ting love: see a good move, really understand this mood, want him to accompany is how extravagant thing. Such a beautiful love, so that the number of lovers separated by remote tears! When it comes to long-distance relationship this way of love, a lot of students in the party and the people have empathy, branch offsite, lovers of life style has changed, we should not because it’s out of the ordinary. First impressions are strongest, "another will be" hat. In fact, many lovers in different places are equally happy, unfortunately, each has its own different. There is a different sense of distance can hardly be avoided, this communication has become the most important way to pick up the phone and talk around in their own little bit, let your life lovers can know, it won’t come. But although the instant communication tool of communication, but also have a sense of days and months multiplying, fatigue, can not be there for each other, it will cause the sense of distance. Therefore, if in the same city in different places, should take some time to meet; if you are far away, can plan to meet again in two to three months, choose a good transportation time, three two days will be able to meet the short time for a few hours. Because they are lovers, have a common goal, to be together, the appropriate input should be there, not to take the risk, not)相关的主题文章:

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