Spirituality Funny, ‘Intelligent Optimist’ is a group I finally feel I can say I belong too. I didn’t fit into any group in High school and I’m still a little odd today. I’m grateful this fast growing group is one I can feel comfortable going to the pep rally for. That being said, Ode Magazine is one of the best resources for information on consciousness out there. It truly is, for us Intelligent Optimists everywhere. It’s for anyone who is tired of the same old and who want to get the latest cutting edge on all things enlightened and making a positive difference all over the world. Yes, the time has finally come for positive news to be on the scene. I’m making this tribute because, this magazine is making an impact on my own life and I want everyone to know about it. Plus, it’s so exciting to finally have something worthwhile to read and there is not one ad with a scantily clad teenager trying to sell me something that I wouldn’t even wear to a costume party. Ode magazine has thought provoking articles, scientific cutting edge information for health and well-being, they discuss environmental issues, organizations making a difference and so much more. I’ll barely scratch the surface here. I’m going to touch on just a few of the amazing articles and issues being addressed in the Ode magazines. Hopefully your interest will be sparked enough that you’ll go buy one or get a subscription. You must know, I’m in noway an affiliate with Ode. I will be if they have such a thing, but until then this is purely for your info. One of my favorite articles in Ode has to be the article about Social Entrepreneurs, thankfully a growing trend these days. In the article Never let a crisis go to waste, Andrew Tolve writes about how The Wall Street meltdown provides a chance to think and put into action new ways of doing business. I quote Bill Drayton a pioneer in the field and founder of Ashoka. ‘ In a world where change is escalating exponentially, the only way we will make it is if everyone has the mindset of a social entrepreneur.’ A social entrepreneur is a business whose purpose is to change the world for the common good. It’s a growing business to do good business. Even Universities are getting in on this new good business, by offering courses on environmental footprints, social outreach and how the local population is impacted and benefits when it comes to doing business. They are creating new standards and better business practices by having a fresh and conscious approach to making money and doing business. Now that is good news. Another great article on environmentalism is Hydrogen in every home, by Winifred Bird. The Japanese are leading the way in slashing energy use and decreasing C02 emissions by installing fuel cells in backyards of resident’s homes. The Kawamori’s, one of the families with the trial fuel cell installed at their home, had no idea they would be ‘eco-warriors’ but they are seeing the benefits on their electric bills every month. Plus the units are very efficient, there’s not a lot of loss from the plant to your home because the power plant is in your back yard. Home heating and power account for one-fourth of global energy consumption. These fuel cells can make a significant impact on C02 emissions and energy use on a global scale. Yet another fabulous article in the Ode is the Article on Philosopher Ken Wilber. In this article by Jurriaan Kamp, Ken says: ‘That there are certain recognizable patterns in the development of cultures and it’s people and that, by understanding those patterns, we can come to a ‘theory of everything’- and quoting Kamp ‘ -an integral vision that brings together the physical, mental and spiritual worlds and invites us to be a little more whole, a little less fragmented in our work, our societies and our lives’. Ken talks about us being global means we have a responsibility to understand multiculturalism and how speaking on issues to all cultures and to all needs from those cultures is the key to cooperation on a global scale. He uses Al Gore speaking on global warming as an example of how speaking to the 20% of the globe is not the answer, that we must speak to all, coming from most cultures and their concerns. And not so much from a singular motivation for cleaning up our planet. Until the entire globe is addressed we are not going to see the cooperation and integration needed for planetary healing. Ken being an optimistic philosopher does address how this is done and not only that, he writes books about it and gives seminars and speaks about it, often. You’ll have to read for yourself in this article and about his philosophy in his two books, I’ve read and enjoyed, A Theory of Everything & The Spectrum of Consciousness. I guarantee enlightenment and enjoyment. I’ve covered a few wonderful aspects of this wonderful magazine but, the list goes on and on. For example where else do you get an article on Microjustice about people of third world countries getting legal aid, inmates serving swanky dinners for a cause, Environmental Tourism-tourism for enrichment on a budget, the science of Neuro-feedback ‘ healing out lives through creating new neuro-pathways in the brain. And one of my favorite issues of all time, about 25 Intelligent Optimists and how they are changing the world and being recognized for it. So, there you have it. An ode to Ode. I highly recommend you check it out for yourself and get yourself enlightened one article at a time. Go to .odemagazine.. for more info. You can read all the archived issues, but be forewarned, do this with time to spare, your going to like what you read. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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