Mammoth Mods have a variety of Vape Coils and Batteries at affordable prices. For the Vape Coils, we offer the equipment like: The Aspire Coils This is just one brand of vaping coils. We have a variety of Aspire Coils at very friendly prices. They include the following devices. a)Aspire Atlantis Replacement Coils These .e in 5 pack. The price is $14.50 each. They ship in 24 hours. They have a resistance of 0.5 ohms each. AARC is the one that has replaced the Eigate Aspire Atlantis-the Bottom Vertical Coil. They consume thepower of between 20 to 30 watts. b)Aspire BVC ETS, K1, Replacement Coils The coils go at $9.99 and ship in 24 hours. They only work in ET, ETS, K1, aspire Nova but not onNautilus or the Nautilus mini. They also .e in 5 packs. c)Aspire Triton NI200 Replacement Coils They have as low resistance as 0.5 ohms. They also .e in 5 pack. Thesecoils usually cost $18.50 each. They are advantageous since they allow for the use of outputs that control temperature. Theyonly apply to .patible devices. The coilsallow for high vape quality and superior control. The .patibility of these coils with the platform of Aspire Atlantis make them bring the new Sub-Ohm Tanks to this new age.You should know that these coils are only .patible to Aspire Triton Tank. There are still more of the Aspire Coils that we have. You can see the whole list on our website (Vapingmammoth..) The Kangertech Coils The coils in this brand include: a.Kanger SSOCC It is theprimary cotton coil. It is for Sub Tank Series and it costs $19.50. This type of coils is not capable of working with other clearomizers. b.Clapton Coil It is for Sub Tank series and Top Tank Series. It .es in 5 packs. It costs only $19.50. There are still more other coils in this brand. The other coils are SSOCC Replacement Coil, OCC Replacement Coil, Dual Coil and much more. The two are just to show you some of the examples we have. Alongside these coils, there are also Vape Batteries. The batteries help to operate the mods easily. The Vape Batteries If you are looking for the best batteries for your vaporizers, .e to Mammoth Mods. The Vape Batteries we offer help you operate your personal vaporizers. The vape batteries offered at Mammoth Mods are safe to use as .pared to other high lithium discharge batteries. Apart from being safe, we will also provide you with safety measures to protect you. This is because we value you and your life. Some of the excellent brands of vape batteries include: Efest Batteries Some of the efest batteries include: Efest (Purple) IMR 18350 The battery has aflat top. It is rated as 10.5A and 3.7V. This is the best battery for the Mechanical Mod. This battery does not need the protection circuit. It can be charged with any Lithium-Ion battery charger with 4.2V. However, you are advised to use the Intelligent Charger. The battery only cost $8.99. 相关的主题文章:

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