The media talk about "visitors to the emergency Lane picnic": so unruly when punish – Sohu News reported on Sichuan, Yaxi highway police third brigade police yesterday exposed a group of high way table picnic photos: a small passenger cars parked in front of the service area of the asbestos Yaxi highway emergency lane, passengers get off the swing a small table, onto a small bench, a leisurely picnic happily, also threw a lot of garbage. The emergency lane is often referred to as "life channel", but we are also common to this scene: an encounter congestion, there are one or two cars leading to the emergency lane, thus driving the vehicle to follow more, all of the channel blocking tightly, the rescue vehicles stuck in the back. Occupying the emergency lane is not only a problem of car morality, but also a serious offense that needs to be punished severely. According to the Ministry of Public Security Traffic Control Bureau released data to the media last October, the country investigated highway occupied emergency Lane illegal behavior more than 6, of which illegal occupation of emergency Lane driving more than 5.3, illegal use of emergency Lane parking more than 7000. Therefore, too many drivers lack the due awe in the emergency lane. "Don’t be afraid afraid of the event, the emergency lane is" what if "fallback. Ordinary law enforcement is not strict accumulated, emergency Lane will not become a normal emergency, at the critical moment will inevitably lead to big suffering. Obviously, only through strict traffic law enforcement, can we maximize the elimination of some people’s fluke mentality, cure the habit of occupying the emergency lane at all times. This requires the traffic control department not only can take decisive measures in the emergency situation, but also to improve the daily punishment mechanism to seize the emergency channel. Duan Siping (clerk)

媒体谈“游客应急车道野餐”:如此任性当严惩-搜狐新闻  来论   据报道,四川雅西高速交警三大队民警昨天曝光了一组高速路上摆桌野餐的照片:一辆小客车停在雅西高速石棉服务区前方的应急车道上,车上乘客下车摆起了小桌子,搬上了小板凳,悠闲愉快地野餐,还扔了不少垃圾。   应急车道常被称为“生命通道”,但我们也常见到这样的景象:一遇到拥堵,就有那么一两辆车带头走应急车道,由此带动更多车辆跟随,结果将所有通道堵得严严实实,将救援车辆也堵在后面。   占用应急车道,不只是车德不彰的问题,更是需要严惩的违法行为。据公安部交管局去年10月向媒体公布的数据,全国共查处高速公路占用应急车道违法行为6万余起,其中违法占用应急车道行驶5.3万余起,违法占用应急车道停车7000余起。可见太多驾驶员对应急车道缺乏应有的敬畏之心。“不怕一万就怕万一”,应急车道正是为“万一”兜底的。平日的执法不严累积下来,应急车道不应急就会成为常态,在关键时刻就难免酿成大患。   显然,只有通过严格的交通执法,才能最大限度地消除某些人的侥幸心理,根治动辄占用应急车道的坏习惯。这就要求交管部门不仅在紧急情况下能采取果断执法措施,更要完善对占用应急通道的日常惩罚机制。   段思平(职员)相关的主题文章:

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