More than 50 billion pieces of imported films set, the number of accounts or the release of the impact?     "Pelosi Miss fantasy Castle" and "next door" company M1905 movie network authorization published in October 23rd reported in October 21st, twentieth Century Fuchs produced the two movie "next door" and "Miss Peggy company fantasy Castle" to determine the form of a split piece mainland release date, as a result, the number of split tablets this year the introduction of more than 34 of the provisions of the Ministry of. What is the purpose of the full liberalization of imports of shares to prepare? Or this year the mainland box office hit 50 billion? Sub accounts will gradually open? This year or next door has reached 39 "spy" file November 8th, "Pelosi and miss fantasy Castle" is directly to the Lunar New Year stalls. It is reported that, in addition to the two movie, there are four pieces of part of the account also determined the release time, namely "idiotic powder", "spy", "ocean alliance romance" and "Captain Sally". Carefully calculated, then you will find that this year’s introduction of the number of accounts actually reached 39, more than in 2012 reached the Sino US film agreement, the provisions of the annual accounts can only be introduced into the number of pieces of the 34. It is reported that the validity of this agreement was signed just five years, that is, to the next year (2017) on the expiration of the. Prior to this, there have been a lot of industry insiders predict that the quota limit will be changed in the next year, not only on the basis of the original increase in several, but also a substantial increase, and even the full liberalization of the market. And this is the 39 part of the introduction of the account is also seems to confirm this statement. Annual box office hit 50 billion? Almost every three days on a part of the account sheet second, the three quarter of this year, the mainland box office results are not ideal, a popular holiday period at the box office to continue to go up, even started to decline. As of the evening of October 21st, the mainland box office just over 38 billion, only 44 billion of the total box office last year, there are about 6 billion of the gap, if you want to hit the 50 billion mark, with no small difficulty. How can we get the box office numbers straight up? May be able to solve the problem by increasing the number of films. From October 28th to December 2nd, the mainland film market will usher in the number of accounts for up to 11, the average calculation, then almost every three days there is a part of the accounts of the painting. Many movies can really will get together and release the film market with heat, then there are Feng Xiaogang’s "I am not Pan Jinlian", "fire", the cupola of Lam Shing Yee’s "three master sword" and so many Chinese popular videos have shown, the choice of the audience will be more diverse, the overall box office will also rise in the shadow.相关的主题文章:

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