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martial arts illinois Muay Thai Thailand- A Legacy Of Adventure Posted By: Located at the heart of south East Asia, Thailand may truly be referred to as a visitor’s paradise. Surrounded by natural landscapes of mountainous border in the North West, encircled by long stretch of Mekong and Laos rivers, the land offers a picturesque location which wraps every tourist in an enigma of fantasy. While the diversified landscape rich in flora and fauna is sure to grab your attention, the country has more to offer. The country is bestowed with an enriched cultural heritage which has an aura of royalty. If we dig into the depth of Thai history, it would reveal a popular form of martial art being practiced by the then soldiers. It was more of a combo of Chinese and Indian martial art which had its origin about two thousand years ago. In an era where everyone had to be vigilant of possible foreign invasion from neighboring kingdoms, the Siamese soldiers practiced Muay Thai as a weapon to combat against enemies in case they were unarmed. Later this became a popular entertainment sport and was performed at huge galleries before a plethora of spectators.

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Muay Thai Thailand Muay Thai Training Programs In Phuket Posted By: Muay_Thai Thailand has always been a lucrative travel destination for wanderers across the globe. Rich in scenic beauty and cultural heritage, Thailand has to offer a wide array of excitement and adventure that would make you all the more allured to the land. Embedded in the heart of the country, are the beautiful locale of Patong, Karon and Kata beach just add to the country’s pride. In Thailand, you get the real taste of adventure. Elephant riding, sea kayaking and scuba diving activities make you tour a splendid pleasure and simply wrap you in a feeling of joy. However if you are in Thailand, your tour is never complete if you don’t take a glimpse of Muay Thai training schools. Muay Thai, popularly known as kickboxing happens to be popular sport of the city. It is a form of martial art very much similar to Indonesian kickboxing practices. Origin of the sport If we dig deeper, kickboxing is a martial art that dates almost two thousand years back and had its origin in China. This was a popular method resorted to by Siamese soldiers in battlefields. Today, Kickboxing the national sport of Thailand and is a latent part of the culture.

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