"My new clothes" "goddess" no "Palace" – Beijing since the "shiny new anchor" debut, Frank sincere girl from Shenyang Wu Xin has been in the entertainment business for 10 years, the variety stage humorous she will debut the Oriental TV star cross fashion show "my new clothes", complete fashion the goddess of transformation. Yesterday, Wu Xin accepted the Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter interviewed, in the face of Lin Chiling, and so on, and so on, such as the "goddess of high altitude", we will be in the presence of competition and conflict it? WeChat, To this question Wu Xin said frankly "absolutely not" palace calculating "the goddess, but we have a good relationship, but also help each other:" sister Zhi Ling recorded programs often bring us." Lean into a lightning: reduce shoot "ugly photos" of the chance to wear casual life of Wu Xin said they participate in "my new clothes" is to "transform", she did not forget to play "comedian" humor interview, said that compared with many leggy goddess, my leg is not Fala long, so she lost weight on a great effort, "since the receipt of the invitation, after 5 pm, I haven’t eaten anything. Today, my weight has been thinner than the first phase of the recording of 8 pounds, surrounded by friends say I have become a thin lightning, for this evaluation I still have a sense of accomplishment." Talking about yourself in the program’s advantage, Wu Xin said, "I figure and ordinary girls closer, you can see the life of such collocation is what effect, I was a model closer to our life." Nevertheless, Wu Xin said with a smile often harassed Sui he taught himself to walk, "then I will often, many changes in your life style, so that when we took the photos to me will be greatly reduced." Debut ten years: there are negative emotions to vent out with "out of the" shiny new anchor Wu Xin has been in the entertainment business for ten years, with the adorable character for Wu Xin to stay careless gains a lot of fans. Fans of the company also witnessed the growth of Wu Xin, recalled when the fledgling Wu Xin said, "in the beginning to do the activities of only a dozen people in the following, many times when I walk on the stage is not confident, but see a group cries your name support you like to eat the letter, so I am very grateful to my fans for so many years." In many of the gold medal director of Hunan satellite TV, is not easy to rise head and shoulders above others for ten years, Wu Xin’s career path does not go flat, was asked how to deal with the negative emotions, she said, "I am a man be very nervous, mood go faster. I think there is a negative mood not to hold a person, to know how to share with others, to talk about the bad mood and release is very important." Try to transition: want to play like "Mi Yin" villain in "happy camp" presided over the work from the outside, to participate in the Paris Fashion Week "ultimate challenge" to record "my new clothes", said Wu Xin presided over the jump from outside the field of "role" is his love. Next month, Wu Xin will enter the group shot filming for her new play, is still in the learning stage. Wu Xin with many fans相关的主题文章:

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