Southampton 19 year olds do not know the water hot sea water drowning days trunks 19 years old young delivery because of the hot weather, sea water, but also specifically bought a new suit, but do not know the water of the sea after he did not come out again. Finally, leave empty parents on the shore as he cried. Nearly 10 in the morning of October 28th, the 19 year old delivery boy body was Xiamen Blue Rescue Team in the East Sea area of Xiamen picked up, nearly 48 hours from the incident has passed. The sea water swimming trunks hot day tempted frost after Xiamen, the weather is still hot, therefore, there are a lot of people in order to seek the cool pleasure to swim in the sea. Xiao Liang, a 19 year old boy from Nanan, worked in a community in Jimei. It is understood that the day of the incident, 26 PM, trabecular and peer delivery back when passing along Xiamen Central East Sea, because feel the weather is too hot, so the cool idea to swim in the sea. Therefore, small to beam also bought a new pair of trunks. According to the companion, the position of the two people going to the sea is in the vicinity of a construction site near the Tian Tian community. Because the heat, two people in order to cool down, has jumped into the teng. Because the beam is not familiar with the water, splash two times in the water, soon disappeared. "We went down with the water, but I swam in front of him, and it didn’t take long to turn around and see nobody else." Xiao Liang’s companion said that when the tide was low, he wanted to search, but he could not find anyone else. Two days after the incident eventually found drowning juvenile on the morning of 27, blue rescue team received a small beam family help information. "When we get help information, we are still on the road back to Xiamen. So, in the afternoon of 27, we arrived at the railway station, then non-stop, the first time rushed to the scene of the incident in Jimei rescue." Blue sky rescue captain said. It is reported that, since the beginning of the blue sky rescue team can not borrow the search and rescue ships, it is difficult to borrow later, the weather is late, the search also had to pick up more than 6 in the evening. 27 days of rescue without fruit. On the morning of 28, under the coordination of water captain, two old fishermen from the local area provided two fishing boats for the rescue and rescue of the blue sky rescue team. After more than two hours of search and rescue, the rescue team members in the morning around 9:50, in the vicinity of the sea, 2 kilometers off shore, found the trabecular body. "Head down to the surface of the sea, the body has been swollen swollen, some parts of the body has slight trauma, no signs of life." Blue rescue team said, because of the swollen corpses floating well, they first use rope fixed to the ship after the lift. Trabecular parents from Nanan to see the body was pulled back the moment, crying tore heart crack lung.

南安19岁少年不识水性 天热买泳裤下海试水溺亡   19岁送货少年,因天热下海试水,还特地买了条新泳裤,但不识水性的他下海后再也没有上来。最后,空留父母在岸边为他痛哭流涕。   10月28日上午近10时,这名19岁送货少年的遗体被厦门蓝天救援队在厦门环东海域捞起,距事发已过去近48小时。   按捺不住天热 买泳裤下海试水   霜降后的厦门,天气依然炎热,因此,还有不少人为了寻求凉爽的快感下海游泳。   来自南安的19岁小伙小梁在集美后田社区打工。据了解,事发当天,26日下午,小梁与同伴送货回来时,沿途路过厦门环东海域,因觉天气太热,故动了下海游泳纳凉的念头。   为此,小梁还去新买了条泳裤。据同伴说,两人下海的位置,就在靠近后田社区附近的一个在建工地。   因为天热,两人为了降温,先后跃入腾里。由于小梁不谙水性,在水里扑通两下,很快就不见踪影。“我们一起下的水,不过我游在他前面,下去没多久转身就不见他人影了。”小梁的同伴说,时值退潮,本想去搜寻,但已经找不到他人了。   事发两天之后 终寻溺亡少年   27日上午,蓝天救援队接到小梁家属的求助信息。“接到求助信息时,我们还在外地救援赶回厦门的路上。所以,27日下午我们在抵达火车站后,便马不停蹄第一时间赶往集美的事发现场投入救援。”蓝天救援队长水草说。   据悉,由于刚开始蓝天救援队借不到搜救船只,好不容易借到以后,天色已晚,搜寻也只得在傍晚6点多收队。27日的救援无果。   28日上午,在水草队长的协调争取下,当地两位爱心老渔民无偿提供了两条渔船供蓝天救援队搜救使用。   经过当日两个多小时的搜救,救援队员在上午9点50分左右,在附近海域,离岸2公里处,发现了小梁的尸体。“头朝下趴在海面,身体已经被泡得肿胀,身体一些部位有轻微的外伤,已无生命体征。”蓝天救援队员透露,由于尸体发胀漂浮不好处理,他们先用绳索固定后才抬到船上。   从南安赶来的小梁父母在见到尸体被拉回的那一刹那,哭得撕心裂肺。相关的主题文章:

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