Nanjing advertising company employees steal aerial cable drop 20 computer on the school of Yangzi Evening News (correspondent reporter Ren Guoyong Qi Wenxuan) movie "mission impossible" in the scene, enter the computer room information theft closely guarded by Tom aerial cable drop way. Recently, a person familiar with the installation skills of the advertising company employee Liu has also taken this way from the roof of a school in Nanjing Xianlin digital music classroom stole 20 apple computer. Police arrested him under surveillance and investigation, involving nearly 50 thousand yuan. The more than and 30 year old Liu confessed after being arrested, he is an advertising company employees, because the company and the school of business, he often goes to the school to send things and installing panels, is very familiar with the school terrain. He placed in the panels, saw the classroom in a new Apple computer makes him very seductive, dark grey is always stealing some Taiwan back. He has a high altitude installation billboard skills to store computer classroom a view, he was ready to take aerial cable drop manner theft. That night, rain, Liu and colleagues to drink the next day at 1 in the morning, when he came home from school, they would like to steal a few apple. He skillfully into the teaching building, the use of drop cable equipment, purchased from the online homeopathic decline slide is situated on the four floor of the classroom windows outside the balcony, where the glass door was not locked as usual, he pushed the door. Liu in the classroom closet found a tablet computer filled with a box and found a big box from the classroom, the tablet computer cabinet were put into the box, and the computer table below an apple notebook computer and desktop Apple desktop machine and ancillary data lines are taken away. Next, he stole the computer continue to sell low-cost, total sold twenty thousand yuan, the money a few days he was playing online gambling games lost. Currently, Liu was arrested on suspicion of theft. Extended video: nothing to do with the original text. Prison guy shot during the day to steal his girlfriend beaten computer was arrested相关的主题文章:

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