Nanjing Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum was stolen 300 tons of sediment area combined with the traffic control department to check the culprit steal down in the muck Ling Road yesterday about 7:30 in the morning, Zhongshan Cemetery Administration staff found in the inspection, there are people in the night before, at Zijin Mountain Stadium on the north side of the mausoleum Road, secretly dumped 6 tons of waste, each pile have a high, about 50 tons. Currently, they are working together with the traffic police department to monitor, find related vehicles. Scene 6 muck heap, about 300 tons of yesterday morning, the modern express reporter saw at the Zhongshan road Cemetery Mausoleum nursery field outside, every ten meters there is a pile of muck, a total of six piles. Each pile is four or five meters long, two meters wide, at an altitude of 1.5-1.6 meters, muck with mud, still wrapped in bricks, stones, leaves and rags. Ling Road is one-way two lane road is not wide, the muck accounted for half of the road nearly one hundred meters long, is still in the corner, when vehicles pass careful. A passing taxi driver said angrily: "scenic area is so good, how to save money on the muck down here?" Ling Road is a golden landscape, every autumn, on both sides of the leaves, a piece of gold. The stealing pour muck vehicles destroyed a Fatong branches. Site staff told reporters: "the estimate is the muck car dump goods, car broken branches to the." Zhongshan mausoleum Management Bureau of administrative law enforcement brigade captain Chen Du, muck from the scene of the situation, according to the experience of each slag mound has about 50 tons, a total of about 300 tons of sediment was down here. They speculated that the muck is a large truck in front of 4 wheels, 8 wheels shipped over, and is likely to be 6 cars together. According to reports, large trucks can generally install 30-40 tons, if overloaded, a car loaded 50 tons no problem. Then, the muck is coming from? Du said that the muck looks like out of the mud in the river, may also come from the large site. To deal with the traffic control department to check the culprit joint scenic site, Zhongshan Cemetery Administration staff, yesterday at 7:30 in the morning, they found the situation in the inspection. "I have stolen back, but no family decoration garbage, pour in the trees. Such a large scale, and directly on the road, or the first encounter." Zhongshan Cemetery Administration from the beginning of 4 pm yesterday, to clean up the muck. Du said that if the muck sent formal muck field, each pile may have to spend 2000 yuan, direct dumping can save a lot of money. But they will clean out the muck, the cost will reach four or five times. "Now we have raised an excavator and five carts from other sites." This morning, cleaning up all the muck. Du Chen told Modern Express reporter, at present, they are together with the traffic police brigade, two brigade and battalion speed monitoring, collect around sections, the investigation of the vehicle. Punishment for stealing pour muck will face heavy fines stealing pour muck once investigated, will face penalties. Du Chen said this time相关的主题文章:

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