Nanjing Metro Line 5 program approved the full disclosure of the 30 Modern Express (reporter Liu Weijuan) yesterday, the Nanjing Municipal Development and Reform Commission approved the preliminary design of Nanjing Metro Line 5 project. Modern Express reporter noted that the Nanjing Metro Line 5, line length of 37.4 kilometers, all off the assembly line, 30 stations, including 14 transfer stations, the average station spacing of 1.26 km, the maximum design speed of 80 kilometers per hour, the expected construction period of 5 years. Preliminary design of the project budget of 33 billion 458 million yuan (including foreign exchange $131 million 110 thousand). Set the line No. 5 site map according to the approval, line 5 subway lines from both S1 line Kyrgyzstan and India Avenue station, walk along Kyrgyzstan and India avenue to the East, crossing under the airport expressway, North in Jiulong lake, walking after the turn of integrity avenue to the East, north along the road, after the bamboo mountain soil laying. Wear tsuchiyama airport, in Nanjing Hangzhou high-speed railway, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway and the Beltway, along the southern town of internal planning international road and metallurgical repair two road, then turn left into the Guanghua Street, Jiankang Road, or State Road, along the road, Shanghai Road, Zhongshan North Road Road northbound, wearing Zheng high frame. To the northwest into the planning, planning of Binjiang Shimonoseki Avenue Road, Camp Road intersection located in the Fang Fang camp station end point station. Daily economic news reporter noted that the line is designed for two lines, using the right side of the driving system. The train line in the range of the maximum operating speed of 80 km an hour. This line of independent operation, with Kyrgyzstan and India Avenue station to Fang camp station and Corning Road station to Fang camp station the size of routing set run. In terms of traffic connection, approved that the project transfer station program should be further in-depth study, solid two line transfer program. The station design should be combined with urban roads, public transport planning, public transport hub, the reasonable arrangement of the station entrance, underground channel and the surrounding area of the traffic facilities. In addition, because the project involves many national, provincial and municipal units, the next stage in strict accordance with the relevant requirements of the state on the protection of cultural relics, the implementation of relevant measures of cultural relics protection. The general layout of the station should meet the basic requirements of passenger demand, safety, rapid, comfortable environment, compact layout, easy to manage, and has good ventilation, lighting, health, disaster prevention and other facilities. The station scale is controlled by the long term forecast passenger flow, traffic density and equipment management room settings, and the effective platform length is 140 meters. 1) Kyrgyzstan and India Avenue station at the intersection with general road with Kyrgyzstan and India Avenue, the basement side station arranged along Kyrgyzstan and India Avenue, with both the S1 line Kyrgyzstan and India Avenue station (two underground Island Station) showed a "T" change. Line 5 side table width of 4.7 meters. 2) the Kowloon Lake Station agreed to set up an underground two story Island Station along the road between Kyrgyzstan and India, and the intersection of the Soviet Union and the main road. Platform width of 11 meters. 3) integrity Avenue station agreed in Shuanglong Avenue and integrity Avenue intersection on the eastern side, three underground Island Station located along the avenue of honesty, integrity and the existing line 3 Avenue station channel transfer and contact line. Platform width of 13 meters. 4) before the village station agreed at the intersection of integrity Avenue and rich street, two floor underground Island Station located along the avenue of integrity. Platform width of 11 meters. 5) Corning Road station card相关的主题文章:

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