Nanjing people spend 7 thousand yuan to send a paper the results of the journal is false – as long as thousands of dollars to spend, you can in the Chinese core journals on the paper, which for those who need, is undoubtedly a shortcut. Did the whole magazine, perhaps is a liar for contributors "tailored". Recently, Nanjing Qinhuai police investigated and dealt with fake Chinese core journal case, arrested two suspects, involving up to become the victims of preliminary statistics. Yangzi Evening News reporter correspondent Qin Gongxuan Ding Xiaomeng Pei Rui who spent 7 thousand yuan online retrieval papers issued by the end of October, members of the public to the Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau Qinhuai dajiaochang police station, said they spend money online publication in a liar. Received the alarm, the police immediately launched an investigation. Wu told the police that the victim, he is a business management. In September she was involved in the industry title assessment, which is a mandatory provision of her very worried. It turned out that must be published in academic journals papers, only qualified to promote. Ms. Wu said that the general paper voted out, the fastest will be two or three months to publish, the time has been too late. And professional journals, the quality of the contribution to the control is very strict, there is no published grasp. After a friend, Ms. Wu found on the Internet claiming to be a Chinese Chinese core journals, senior editor". According to the other side, as long as the submission of Ms. Wu, pay a certain publishing fee, he will have the opportunity to help Wu put the article on the magazine, the specific price depends on the number of words. Through his papers, only 1 months will be published. The magazine "editor" is a very authoritative journal in the industry. Ms Wu believes that immediately remitted to the other seven thousand yuan. A few days later, she received a courier who, "the notification of acceptance" and a journal Wu journal. Wait until the title assessment results, since that Ms. Wu failed as sure as a gun. The review team told her that she submitted the paper material invalid. Ms. Wu had to personally check the Internet, so she was shocked, not only can not retrieve the papers, and even the Journal of the journal number also shows that does not exist. Investigation of old cottage sent hundreds of the "clone" magazine, the police look at Ms. Wu received the magazine, a total of more than and 200 papers, the authors are from different regions and units. Single don’t see what the problem is, the police will make a comparison of the electronic version and the official website, clear away. Found two journals are compared, although the same month, the name, cover and the title page as like as two peas. But from the beginning of the content page is completely different. All the papers in this magazine, in the official website of the electronic version can not find. The police also sent from the email to find tricky. The magazine is located in the southwest of a city, and courier sent to Beijing. Police started to visit the magazine survey. After the identification of the person in charge of the magazine, said the paper employment notice system forged. In addition to a monthly magazine, they did not publish other journals. Although the appearance of the magazine lifelike imitation, but the production of rough, paper, printing is very poor. Understand the situation, the Criminal Police Brigade immediately.相关的主题文章:

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