The national criminal police intelligence fell over 20%, the rule of Law — original title: National Criminal Police Intelligence fell over 20% reporters from the meeting of the national social security comprehensive innovation working days prior to the convening of the learned, through unremitting efforts, China’s social security comprehensive management idea in transformation, in improving the ability in enhancing pattern and the social security situation continued to improve, people’s sense of security has increased steadily. According to statistics, in recent years, China’s murder, explosion, robbery and other serious violent crimes and abnormal petition, the number of mass incidents continued to decline, people’s sense of security remained at 90% or more. In 2015, China’s per 100 thousand people in homicide cases since 0.67, is one of the world’s lowest incidence of homicide cases. In foreign terrorist attacks and individual extreme events occurred frequently under the background, China successfully held a series of major international events, especially the G20 summit security work complete, well, no matter the event, also not out of the target. During the G20 summit held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, the national criminal police were down 70%, respectively, more than 40%, more than 20%. According to reports, the relevant departments of the country adhere to the investigation and remediation of outstanding issues, grasp the concept, mechanism, methods of innovation, and promote the construction of peace in China has made new progress. First, adhere to the center, serving the overall situation, establish the concept of peace, expand content, improve the mechanism to improve the level of peace building. The two is to adhere to the people-oriented, service first, the masses of security needs as the starting point and goal, to make the process of peace building, let the masses to participate in the evaluation results so that the people, let people share the achievements, enhance people’s sense of security and satisfaction. The three is to adhere to the leadership of the party and government, make concerted efforts to improve the leadership responsibility system, the relevant departments to actively play, the formation of joint governance issues, work linkage situation. Four is to adhere to multi-party participation, CO governance, organization and mobilization of social organizations, enterprises and institutions, the people, the formation of a common risk prevention and control situation. The five is to adhere to the courage to play, good at, as a firm political stance and the right policy strategy, and strive to achieve the legal effect and political and social effects of unity. The six is to insist on combining, tackling the problem in depth, and the rule explosion crime crackdown special action, anti narcotics and firearms, combat crime and other financial securities, to promote and improve the policy system, promote the prevention to reduce the conflict problem. The seven is to adhere to the law of governance, comprehensive measures, good use of the rule of law and the rule of thinking the way to carry out the work and solve problems, to co-ordinate the use of economic regulation, administrative management, legal norms, moral education, psychological counseling and other means to strengthen social governance effectiveness. Eight is to adhere to science and technology, information support, and actively use the Internet, networking, big data and other modern means of scientific and technological means to improve the refinement of social governance, the level of modernization. The nine is to strengthen the grassroots, laying a solid foundation, build a power sink, the protection of dumping mechanism, strengthening the institutional infrastructure, improve the level of the basic work at the grassroots level. Ten is to adhere to the initiative to guide, win support, establish and improve the work mechanism of public opinion, improve the ability of social communication in the new media era, to create a good environment for peace building public opinion. (commissioning editor Li Jing and Zhang Yu)相关的主题文章:

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