NBA China: many   show Chinese; harden bursting with popularity – Zhejiang Channel – original title: NBA China: many popular bursting show Chinese harden (October 7th) yesterday afternoon, 2016NBA Chinese ShangHai Railway Station in Shanghai Oriental Sports Center was "NBA fan day" activities, a series of interactive games between Houston the rockets and the New Orleans pelicans team players and fans China. In addition, Yao Ming, Mutombo and other NBA legend also came to the scene. And through the media jointly launched the launch of Mengniu activities, several lucky Zhejiang fans have the opportunity to witness the NBA star style. Harden show Chinese bursting with popularity of "heavy brother said to go to have a taste of Shanghai snacks yesterday afternoon before the start of the event for 1 hours, a basketball fan Shanghai Oriental Sports Center Square Station has been all over the country and a few wicket is lined up, all the fans are anxiously waiting for the faces are full for this activity to once a year. After the opening full of seats also shows the enthusiasm of the fans. The NBA fans naturally will not let the fans disappointed, a very lively opening, interactive activities is one after another, very compact. When it comes to the Rockets, nature can not be separated from Yao Ming, and yesterday, and the Shanghai Municipal Sports Bureau leaders attended the event. The NBA legend former Rockets player Mutombo also accepted the Host interview, he said he was very lucky to be able to play with Yao Ming, but also very happy to Chinese, and revealed their own in recent years every year to Shanghai. After the two mascots and cheerleaders warm performances, the atmosphere heats up, activities reached a climax, the Rockets star Harden is undoubtedly the most popular player, he played for all the fans, almost all stood up to lean camera video, this a series of movements freely flowing style of writing. There is no doubt that he has received the most enthusiastic cheers from the audience. In the interview session, as an old acquaintance of Shanghai, Harden also show up in Chinese, shouting Hello everyone, very standard pronunciation. On the other side, "eyebrows brother Davies represents" the pelican players interviewed also said he went out to have a taste of Shanghai snacks if there is a chance. Media Union Mengniu fans to the scene to witness the NBA star style so that the national fans are looking forward to the day of the NBA fans, there are several fans in Zhejiang have the opportunity to personally experience a. They are the lucky fans who have come out in the event of Media Co sponsored mengniu. A week ago, Mengniu media jointly launched the "NBA Chinese ShangHai Railway Station tickets to grab votes activities" by the media, WeChat official sports every day golfers will be "a message like the election of the five lucky fans, yesterday also came to the Shanghai Oriental Sports center. But unfortunately, the point of praise the highest number of fans, Zhang Chunfei, as the day before the game in Xi’an to see the foot of the plane and suffered delays, did not come to the scene in time. He is very sorry: really double blow, yesterday lost to the heart of the country has been enough to plug the heart of Syria, but also encountered delays, even the event is missed." However, his friends have a lot to come to the scene, Zhang Chunfei said: "I am obviously.相关的主题文章:

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