Net about bicycle parked illegally because of all kinds of embarrassing encounter illegally parked away – Beijing recently, the streets of Beijing network about bicycle, public rental car will be able to scan the code, do not need to specify the parking lot just to the public area. This brings a lot of convenience to the public, do not need to look for the car back point. However, due to the different understanding of the public areas of the user, it was parked in the area of the bike, it was parked in the Office Park, a similar situation to other users and the relevant management inconvenience. Yesterday, the Zhongguancun Software Park Mr. Wang found more than and 10 car "Mobell bike (bicycle network about)" is the property staff away. Beijing Youth Daily reporter found that the vehicle was just parked in the designated area of the property company, and did not take away". Mobell bicycle company has responded, communication and property companies, will guide the user to a vehicle parked in the designated area. In this regard, many people confused, in the end what kind of area is the right place to stop it? The case will be thrown on the roadside car user complaints of Park Property "away" more than and 10 car yesterday, Zhongguancun software park staff Mr. Wang found the park nearly 10 cars and bicycles were Mobell managers away. Recently, many people in the park on orange Mobell bike, these cars have on the sidewalk, some on the side of the road, probably because parking property away." Mr. Wang provided pictures show, nearly 10 cars and bicycles were dressed in security uniforms Mobell managers put away in the car park. BYD reporter linked to the Zhongguancun Software Park, Capitel property, according to the company responsible for the traffic and security manager Liang Zhiqiang introduced, the property company did receive a 10 car around the v-mobile bike. Mainly because bicycles are parked on the sidewalk, the green belt and the side of the road, not only affect the traffic order, has also been a lot of complaints from owners. Liang Zhiqiang explained that the property is not the "confiscation", but the nearby vehicles parked the vehicle in the designated parking area or parking area. Standardized management is not only for the v-mobile bicycle parking, other ordinary bicycles and electric vehicles have been placed in the designated area of property. Due to the selection of many parks near the staff of bicycles, electric vehicles and other tools to work, the park set up a lot of parking points. For example, gate 5 is a special region of bicycles, all buildings within the park are zihangchepeng. Some people on the convenience of convenient parking, we just want to regulate it, to help you put the nearest parking area." For this, v-mobile company responsible person, the operator has Mobell bicycle and Zhongguancun Software Park, the person in charge of property through the ditch. "The other side, there are a lot of Software Park parking shed, under normal circumstances will allow enterprises to stop, the day is to shut up by the property unified received parking shed." In the future, v-mobile bicycle will be in the Beijing area APP users push, urged users to comply with the provisions of the software park, park your bike into the shed at the same time, the Zhongguancun software park property will help the car to the parking shed unified place. The phenomenon of part of the network about bicycle casually Luantingluanfang trouble in September this year, v-mobile solitary相关的主题文章:

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