"The new song" Jiang Dunhao Wang Feng won the first championship as mentor Jiang Dunhao XLZY the Sina entertainment news for three months of Zhejiang satellite TV [micro-blog] "China new song" 20:00 tonight at the bird’s nest in the finals, four teams of six students will launch the final impact to the championship. After several rounds of fierce battle, Wang Feng [micro-blog] team Jiang Dunhao won, becoming the first "new song" China championship. In the last year on a music show "The Voice of China", had been a "Ballad champion" Zhang Lei, because of all kinds of folk songs in the talent contest had become the trend for this year, "new song" the Chinese champion, many users have speculated or followed a folk wind and always play stable player Jiang Dunhao. Remember Jiang Dunhao debuted in this "new song" blind when singing the song is Li Zhi’s "sky city", in the sense of Li Zhi version slightly vicissitudes of life is different, Jiang Dunhao’s interpretation is more quiet, there are critics of evaluation "he put Li Zhi’s singing a taste of Li Jian", and the professor Wang Feng also praised: "do you want to sing more beautiful than Li Zhi". After the broadcast, the song also triggered netizens blitz, the ballad has once again become the music on the stage can not be ignored, and Jiang Dunhao himself in the "new song" the popularity of students on the list are often in the forefront. In the final tonight, Jiang Dunhao following the "River", "window" two songs to prove their strength. In Wang Chenrui, Xu Geyang two favourites player is eliminated, he and another player to the ocean station on the ultimate champion PK Taiwan, judges and audience voting process, the number of votes of two people was deadlocked, eventually, Jiang Dunhao still beat to become the new champion of shanxi. Jiang Dunhao’s title, not only once again proved the strong power ballad "Killing with Kindness", his mentor Wang Feng experienced in the "The Voice of China" in "RANS" trend after the first counter attack success, to become a true champion mentor. (XLZY) (when commissioning editor:)相关的主题文章:

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