"Mir" Sixteen anniversary celebration of new opening in September 28th 7.4 CGWR score card booking | novice Mir area here is the fertile soil of the brave, created an era of heroes, here are our brothers, have love and our friends. "Mir" with legendary game player is about sixteen years, 1.80 of the classical charm, deeply engraved in the hearts of the people of legend. 19:16 on September 28th the 1.80 anniversary of the area, you restore legendary version, fun and passion, most pay to make snap delete module, three occupation 1.80 attack version of the classic regression in the upgrading of cool, advanced equipment on explosion detonated anniversary carnival, the money earned to fly! Anniversary of the anniversary of the anniversary of the upcoming anniversary of the fire, let us take the lead in the 16 anniversary of the first version of the secret details! Name: 16 anniversary anniversary of the new area (area 179) server name: Wuzhou celebration (Telecom), peace in the world (China Netcom) open area: 2016.9.28 19:00 the role of late pre registration time: 2016.9.23 PM 14:00 28 bomb suit open [1.80 four] anniversary version area overview promised to build the green environment, the classic version of simple growth environment fair. As the most popular and best reputation, the most popular of the 1.80 legendary hero explosive punch version, simplified characters line growth, growth is more simple and more equitable environment! We provide our solemn promise: no game player skills, no method, no ruler, three permanent occupation! The legendary hero 1.80 punch version, so that ordinary game player can play hi earthshaking! Set up to eliminate the abnormal metamorphosis, environmental protection to ensure the upgrade! At the same time to crack down on fraud, hit the hook, cancel the apprentice, mall will be under the frame of woma horn, to restore the monster burst. The 1.80 edition of the classic regression [16 anniversary area] upgrade faster and more cool new task reward gameplay, game player can reward task, after the completion of the task, who can get a lot of experience reward; publishers can also get a lot of experience rewards, promote the game player interaction between each required, suitable for various types of game player, upgrading more cool faster! Note: for the first time to receive the task, the need to open the task to receive the task, after which sustainable enjoyment! NPC: Manor (72.18) reward task publisher of classic gameplay reward gameplay upgrades easier [16 anniversary area high mounted, skill books on explosion] legend 1.80 version retains Daguai blasting equipment, blasting skill book classic fun: Lei Wolong caves, hidden treasures, advanced equipment, easy playing skill book! 4 times a day underground Indiana, can get a lot of experience, blessing oil, pages, gift box and so on; more likely to get advanced equipment and legend equipment! Advanced equipment, the skill book on the 16 anniversary of the small area explosion [gap] PK cool ten years grinding sword, rallying 1.80 classic version, the strength gap is small, the battle more intense, very passionate is a classic version of PK. Anniversary of the new district will detonate million people return, love legend 1.80.相关的主题文章:

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