2017 Mercury will be staged in the first big distance. Astronomy experts say, 19 this month, mercury from the western, then if the weather is fine, the public interest by the mysterious figure binocular telescope may find the mercury in the morning.

mercury is the nearest planet to the sun, often lost in the brilliance of the sun, every year only several brief observable opportunities, thus becoming the most difficult to see gold, wood, water, fire and earth of the five planets. Only when Mercury and the sun angle of maximum "distance", the public is most want to see mercury.

mercury in the east of the sun is the largest distance from east to west, the largest distance in the west of the sun, said the west. East of the distance, can be found in the twilight of the western horizon above the mercury; west of the distance, mercury in the dawn of the eastern low.

astronomy education experts, Tianjin astronomical society director Zhao Zhiheng said, this time from the angular distance of mercury and the sun is 24 degrees, when the sun mercury altitude is about 15 degrees, the brightness of 0.7. If the weather is fine, atmospheric transparency is good enough, then a few days before sunrise, the public interest for the South East low altitude with binocular telescope can find it in the morning.

it is understood that Mercury is the nearest planet from the sun, there will be at least 6 times a year, up to a maximum of 7 mercury.

astronomical experts remind, due to mercury in low altitude, affected by atmospheric jitter some drift, a bit like quicksilver in the plane like to roll in, therefore, observation of mercury is not easy. In this regard, the public should do enough psychological preparation.




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