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family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual many parents found that when children grow to a certain stage, rebellious nature, there are always some things and you do right, back, temper, ignore…… So, in this time period, parents must calm down to treat children. Children rebel is not sensible, parents can not attack together, we must be patient, careful treatment, to maintain a normal heart! Listen to the children how to say the child said: because I think my mom did not at all well, she is always in bad faith. Last month, I arranged with my mother to take me to the zoo if I finished my homework. Can I finish but he said, you go out to play immediately before class ten. It makes me very angry. Parents: what to do in life, parents always encourage children or to appease the child’s emotions, he made a promise, this incentive way to achieve the purpose of your own mind, and afterwards behind. Parents may think that such children will not be much affected, but parents will always be the example of the child is not it? When the child again and again three disappointment, status of parents in their hearts will change, they will become untrustworthy. So, even if it is a commitment to a very small thing, parents should seriously do. The child said: in fact, only when parents misunderstand me, I will be back. I just want to help her to share some housework and wash dishes, do not let her very hard, accidentally broke the bowl. My mom came over to me shouting: " who let you do the dishes, this time not to read. " feel wronged, then back to her." Parents how to do: the child’s intention is always good, just do something wrong, parents should first understand the child, because the child itself is to help, want to share the work of their parents. If you have been angry out, in the discovery of misunderstanding when the child, please do not mean their face, to apologize to the child. If the children want to do good, but was reprimanded by their parents, so what children are not going to help in the course of time, will not be an enthusiastic child health, I think this is the parents do not want to see, so I think when encounter this kind of thing, parents should set aside some encouragement, calm, calm the child. Children’s words: Mom and dad asked me to do things, but they have not done. Let me go to bed early, but they are outside playing mahjong to come home early in the morning; let me not to play computer, my mom is on the computer to see a few hours watching korean. How do parents: parents should set an example in front of the children, if parents do not have to make an example, then the child will not be submissive, many times they thought would be "what?" They will be back with resistance or, only the parents of a good example, the child will be convinced to parents. Children’s words painting相关的主题文章:

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