Not less than 11 DEG C bus must open warm air ahead of the bus is increasing early peak capacity this year winter air conditioning bus in Shenyang bus, Shenyang traffic department said all buses must be warm open, air conditioning vehicle compartment temperature not lower than 11 degrees. Deputy chief of the Shenyang City Department of transportation bus dispatching center enterprise supervision department Liu Yanchang introduction, from November 16th onwards, Shenyang will inspect the city bus line running heating facilities, city traffic bureau bus dispatching center daily schedule of 5 groups, each group examined two lines, each line checks 5 vehicles, to December 15th will check all the city more than 200 lines. The morning of November 22nd, a group of inspectors to conduct random checks on the 289 road and 126 road two bus lines to the warm equipment, 289 road vehicles for inspection to the air-conditioned car compartment, temperature display, heating equipment in normal operation, the temperature is 21 DEG C; 126 road bus lines for conventional buses, although there is no temperature display in the car but, the inspectors according to the car air temperature inside the car for confirmation. Liu Yanchang said that as of 22 there are 50 lines to accept the inspection, if found to have problems in need of immediate warm bus equipment maintenance outage, it can run on the line. Last year, the city has invested more than 200 yuan to repair the old bus vehicle heating system, according to the plan, before the end of the city is expected to add 1327 vehicles will be updated on-line operation, then the public travel environment will be further improved. The temperature of the bus compartment is close to the time of closing the car and the frequency of the open door, and the temperature is relatively low when the door is opened for a long time. Liu Yanchang said that if the public found in the car when the car is still closed inside the state of the temperature is still low, you can call 96123 hotline reflect the situation.相关的主题文章:

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