Oscar play heroes actors get together, not to waste? Sohu entertainment Sherlock "Doctor Strange" coming information times reported in November 8th the Marvel Super Hero movie "Doctor Strange" is being aggressively, either critics or the general audience, basically admitted that this is a visual effect is the biggest selling point of the film. In addition to the point of praise, may be up to the volume blessing Benedict – Dr. Conboy Baki played a strange doctor how handsome, Tilda – played by the head of the ancient masters of the ultra cool how cool the. No then. Many viewers said the plot is simple, not full role on the Internet, but then after criticism will "see everything like" add "super hero movie like this, see the action, visual effects, the plot is not always the biggest thing". However, "show common" fans, see before a variety of classic feature movies show "God acting class actors starred in numerous heroes in films such as" spider man’s aunt "," Superman’s mother "," doctor strange mystery girl "and other roles, how many will feel too Bo Tim Tin Mat! Of course, in the super hero movie "line of them" do a few such as surprise, sadness and happiness out of the Oscar expression level actor also has only actor, in contrast, the actress is so "waste" is more serious. Why do things turn out like this? Can only say that in Hollywood, to star space, really not much actor. Thematic planning Author Information Times reporter Ma Zewang super English movie what? Oscar actor "sold on the pounds in addition to the kaleidoscope of dazzling screen, the audience did not pay attention to the" strange doctor "actually has to walk several good acting movie actor? Yes, Dr. Con Bo Baki, who plays the singular doctor, Benedict, who has been nominated for the best actor award for the best actress in the world, is the best female supporting actress in the history of the world. He has won the best actor award for the best actor in the world, and has won the best supporting actress of the year in the history of the world. The best man in the world is the best actor in the world. He has won the nomination of the best actor of the year of the year, and won the best supporting actress of the year, the best. In fact, the black actor played Mo Qiewate – Ford Krause, the audience rarely recognize him in just a few years ago by "twelve years of slavery," won the Oscar Award for best actor nomination, friends and even confuse him with another hero "Black Panther" as Ker Char Devi thought they were gram – Bosman. The same person. This year, just by virtue of "focus" won the best supporting actress Oscar nomination of the nomination of the Rachel – also in the strange doctor, is to play a strange doctor’s fans sister partner, doctor, Dr., Dr. Mcadams. The Danish actor played the villain Casillas – Max Michelsen is the U.S. drama "Hannibal", in addition to the protagonist, is the winner of Cannes. In each role only need to come up with some attributes can shape the actors, such as the interpretation of "Mo" Chevat, as long as the interpretation of the "paranoid" can; interpretation of "Casillas", Max also once more as "paranoid" can work; but most of the waste is Rachel Mcadams, the "True Detective", "focus", the appearance of calm heart roaring waves character particularly accurate actors, the play of Doctor Strange lover Kristen, she just needs some concern from time to time by doctor strange,相关的主题文章:

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