Business Personalized iPhone, require on-line supply fittings less clean off line patience. The iPhone must users also in big long queues, wide variety of accessories had preempted the each big apple store "peak". In many players opinion, iPhone, the phone itself is a semi-finished products according to different as the carrier can derive of using habit N personalized accessories. Therefore iPhone is simply no longer digital product, but a fashion symbol. So, now the most fashionable iPhone what material is outside shell and elements? If you want to do to iPhone doesn’t hesitate to spend, and the clothes where the most appropriate? Shenzhen where can I buy the most .plete accessories? If you wash the individualized product, and where to go? Therefore, SMW reporter interviewed shenzhen each big apple store, search the latest intelligence, for "apple fan" bring real "apples taste". In shenzhen forms the apple store in nature is the most eye-catching the iPhone "clothes", frequently hundreds of shell is very normal things. Although iPhone4 sight, but cannot see apple fan trend may hinder billowy. Easy days digital purchasing manager wei told SMW reporters, in shenzhen, a lot of people bag can take out apple coat 35. Shell, use frequency is highest wear rate is the highest. However, this also is the secondary factors, the main or in shenzhen people with brunet fashion exquisite: during the day, night in light with different clothing styles, different color bags, all of apple shell has exquisite. According to salesperson introduction, the holster in shenzhen sold well, only scale, silica gel and exquisite set of .parative sell like hot cakes. China red, tiger, small red, cartoon, leisure etc. Multiple series in shenzhen are fire. According to industry introduction, woodiness shell recently in quietly popular. A small shop in the east, introduced a bamboo as raw material for laser and hand-painted, and offers many design choice, this kind of pure manual drawing + machine is the .bination of carving + log material, be.e the most of Chinese wind restoring ancient ways to protect iPhone shell (discount iphone accessories). However, because process .plex, the price also frequently is in RMB 1000 yuan of above. In some stores, a paragraph on the ipad set of steel shell, simple sense is dye-in-the-wood, but a few WenJinZhe. A salesman said that, there’s always a customer to ask, iPhone when also this shell (iphone accessories cheap). Sales people said apple shell in shenzhen "never lack of originality, need is for patience" etc. If the light is shell let you feel dizzy, so protective film also plain spectacular. The reporter understands very flattering last year, the fingerprint film now has some OUT, let alone ultra-thin, grinding, mirror technology such as the son. According to suning introduction, now paster technology renewal almost ox than apple mobile phone.City people’s privacy is probably too much, take apple mobile watch something not safe, an anti peep membrane birth without notice. According to industry, this technology in the earliest is revealed from machines, only recently reference applied to mobile phone membrane, when you operate, in certain Angle range, invisible interface beside the content. Can and prevent eavesdropping, .parable to appear again market recently a ballistic under the sun, in the sunshine membrane with indoor effect as look at the screen.from: iphone accessories car About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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