Part of the pilot district residents heat charges less heat metering can refund picture provided by the respondents 1 picture provided by the respondents into 2 this year after the heating period, heat – metering equipment Liu family began to take the word, the cumulative heat increases, Ms. Liu did not know the specific standard of metering and charging. Recently, a reporter from the city heating Office was informed that this year the implementation of heat metering and charging pilot, although the specific formula has not yet been determined, but it is certain that, in accordance with the heat metering fee than in the area of money payment. After the pilot to obtain mature experience, the city will gradually promote the implementation of thermal metering charges. According to the calculation method of area pay the annual heating costs – based heat – heat metering and charging price refund amount of heating a = "remote control" for residents of Ms. Liu lived in the East China Sea is more street Ganjingzi District, the old building completed last year warm house project, this year added a new equipment. According to Ms Liu, this year residential residential buildings each have a control panel, a heating pipeline corridor was installed on the wireless temperature control valve, see the notice the heating unit of Dalian Thermal Power Group Co. Ltd., Ms. Liu did not know her, this year to implement the measurement charge. "When the control panel is open to me, after the heating period, I thought it was useless, shut, the results will not have a heating, and then open the." Ms. Liu said. She knew that this device is not just a meter, or remote control. Ms. Liu said, when the control panel is not specified, so she has a lot of problems, such as the measurement of the charges? Indoor temperature and set temperature why not the same. According to Liu introduced, although she set the temperature of 25 degrees, but the room temperature is only about 19.5 degrees C. No heating temperature can be lowered when try not closed according to equipment on the customer service phone, the reporter found the company to install the device, according to the technical department of the company staff, the company is cooperating with the heating unit installation of heat metering devices, heat metering device comprises a control valve, a control panel and a table. The user control panel can control the size of the home heating valve. According to reports, the control panel displays the contents of the set temperature, indoor temperature, accumulated heat, accumulated time. For the residents of the indoor temperature can not reach the set temperature, the staff said, one reason is that there is a process of heating, can not just set the number of temperature can reach, the heating effect and the indoor temperature is also limited by the heating unit. In addition, the staff is not recommended to close the control panel. There are tenants reflect, "the cumulative time" in the hands of "0", it is not as worried about the charges, the staff said, charging to accumulate heat as the standard, the cumulative time is only the equipment running time has nothing to do with the payment of a fee. The standard fee is "basic heat price" + "heat metering fee" Thermoelectric Group Charge Management Department staff told reporters a few years ago, the group has carried out the installation of heat metering work this year, according to the city heating Office deployment, thermoelectric group took 9 thousand households paying user as a pilot, covering new residential and warm finish the residential house project, the implementation of metering and charging. Tong相关的主题文章:

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