Ping Mei OUT latest trend is that it is a Korean makeup! – Sohu like Korean makeup you look at the past! Today, the editor for you summed up the latest Korean popular makeup skills, for you to create a focus on zero time synchronization of Korean girls. The integrated teaching of Makeup Eyebrow makeup, eye makeup, makeup and lip makeup, makeup is all drawing the tide drama, do not come to get a new skill. Korean cosmetics 1 trends: how the self beautiful luster muscle of Korean female main ultra white foundation era has passed, now compared to the extensive use of the foundation and Concealer cover spots, pay more attention to the usual skin management, emphasize the natural skin with luster. If the makeup is found before the skin of some bleak, cream, cream can be squeezed into the air powder on the tray, and then mixed foundation makeup, it can effectively avoid the problem of floating powder, and the skin will be more bright. Korean cosmetics 2 trends: topical foundation makeup more natural Korean women and now will not use a cushion powder on the whole face makeup, if not air powder with different makeup partitions lit, shadow, is the first in the face coated with a CC cream, and then use the glossy product of local strong light air cushion, to play a prominent role in the contour, such as forehead, eye, nose, cheeks and chin. Such a partition flexible use of air powder makeup effect than the previous methods are more natural and more three-dimensional. The skin is relatively good girls can also run out of CC cream, with a bright outline key can only cover. Korean cosmetics 3 trends: saving coup is the use of lip gloss Concealer Korean women carry bag is the most commonly occurring lip gloss. Hurry, they will use a natural sense of water color lip gloss, liquid foundation mixed air powder, a part of defects and improve the complexion in the black eye and apple muscle parts, some people also use eye shadow instead of in the upper eyelids, so two or three can quickly draw a clear red makeup, very convenient. Trend 4: the most innocent of the liner length is? Careful observation, Korean female owners now no longer draw strong momentum of neat eye makeup, but is full of harmless pure spoiled eye more popular. At the end of eye liner – 0.3 centimeters, not too long. If you want to add a little bit of mystery, on the bottom of the liner under the eyes of the 13 Department of the use of brown eyeliner, makeup will be more profound. In addition, you can also dip a little eyeshadow to the back of the hand, and then dip painting eyeliner eye makeup, it can have a low-key but faint light shine eyeliner. But bear in mind, can not be directly on the eye shadow eye liner on the smear, so that the color of the eye shadow palette to dirty! Korean cosmetics trends: Ping Mei Bye Bye stereo eyebrow tail is popular when it comes to South Korea, everyone in the brain immediately jumped out of the "Keywords" Ping Mei, but now you can forget this rule, because the Korean women are no longer the painting flat eyebrow! Now popular eyebrow makeup is a little angle of eyebrow tail, in addition to "stereo degree is more obvious, Mei Wei also stressed that the end of the neat corners, more modified face, play a slimming effect. Above 5 points.相关的主题文章:

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