Traffic police every day for 8 years "open hand to send students into the campus 71 year old Xie Caibao is Changzhou Jintan number one photographer, 46 years of photography career took too many to count the characters. The last 7 years, he was staring at a traffic police kept taking pictures of the more than 5 thousand and 300, half of which is the top of the rain to take the snow beat. Each sent to the local popular Internet forum, the traffic police in the picture is attracted netizens have points praise, also won the "black police" name. Then, the over sixty old photographer why the many ordinary police, so that in many candid and regretless falls? Reporters opened these photos, each photo behind that story, gradually found the answer. Special police iconic gestures in November 1, 2010 the weather is good, the 65 year old Xie Caibao get up early, ride the electric car to South Park, folk songs, fast to Hua Luogeng experimental school when the school gate had gathered a lot of people and vehicles. I think what happened, immediately rushed to the results found no accident, that is, a traffic police in the traffic flow shuttle, open the door of a fan, holding a primary school students sent to school. I think his action is very beautiful, immediately press the shutter to capture." Xie Caibao said, this time to send students peak, the feeling is not satisfied with the film, decided to get up early to shoot second days, with this photo. Behind the story into the lens of the traffic police, the Jintan Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade police Lu Xudong. Before Xie Caibao touched him, "open the door has been repeated continuous action in hand to send students" for two years, the rain is not wrong. Hua Luogeng, vice chairman of the union Experimental School of the sixth grade language teacher at the school gate goofy said, this road was originally a two-way two lane, the East is red green, west of a bridge; a green belt, the door is the crosswalk, every school morning peak, cars, electric cars, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians confluence still, an accident at 6:45 in the morning to 8:15 at this time, the situation can be blocked, chaotic, noisy, complex, noisy and so many words to describe, in a mess. Low grade most of the parents of a parked car in front of the door, open the door to get off the child, the endorsement package, sent to the school gate, back door, car, delayed two or three minutes; some parents send children directly in the crosswalk turn, no one to control. October 2008, Lu police officers here is the end of duty. At that time, often fly to maintain order at the school gate, noticed a detail: the army police legs diligent, loud. He made a move, see low grade parents stop, immediately stepped forward to give the child to open the door, get off to help him carry the bag in hand to the door, the parents do not have down, the residence time is shortened from 3 minutes to 10 seconds, the school gate traffic situation immediately changed. "Start looking habits, he is a policeman, not familiar with these kids, but like a hotel doorman like someone to open the door, holding a child holding is inconsistent with the child, the police dignity." Goofy said, Lu officer gives the feeling is too special. He did not expect, Lu Xudong made him feel special move, the next 8 years never stopped. Xie Caibao for this special.相关的主题文章:

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