Got a call that social security card is disabled on you may cheat – reporter Liang Xincui the new Zhengzhou social security card loading bank financial function, the convenience of the public at the same time, also let the criminals see the opportunity". Yesterday, Zhengzhou City People Club Bureau issued an urgent reminder, recent criminals under the guise of Zhengzhou City People Club Bureau, social insurance bureau, 12333 service hotline, social security card management center in the name of social security card is lost, stolen, abnormal and other excuses for identity card number, bank card number, passwords and other personal information to the insured person on the phone, or require the insured through online banking and ATM machines to transfer to the designated account, fraud to the insured. Case 1: bait with preferential policies. Fixed telephone call notify the insured person did not receive social security card subsidies × × × yuan, be sure to × × × × prior to the local social security bureau to handle the relevant procedures to receive, requiring the insured person to provide ID number and social security number of advance registration. Tip: I need to carry out social security services related materials to carry out the social security agencies, social security departments will not be handled by telephone. Case 2: inform the insured social security card abnormal or disabled. The use of technical means, through the display as "local area code -12333 telephone number, claiming to be the Social Council 12333 service hotline staff, with" abnormal social security card will be forced to terminate "on the grounds that the request ID number, social security number, name, password or other personal information required to pay related charges to the designated account. Tip: 12333 accept the consultation, will not take the initiative to call the insured person, social security agencies will not call you to provide personal information, but will not allow transfer to a particular account. Case 3: to remind the insured social security card stolen brush. For example, send text messages to remind: "your social security card in the field hospital (fraudulent overdraft) × × Yuan", because of a large amount of money involved has been transferred to public security organs, to ensure account security, need to check the social security card password, identity card number and other key information, then put forward the other excuse, the insured person will require funds transfer to the designated account. Tip: do not click or call the unknown links and phone calls. The insured person receiving such information, please go to the nearest Social Security Bureau or social security bureau on-site consultation. If you encounter this situation, you can directly call the Henan province human resources and social security policy advisory hotline 0371-12333, Zhengzhou social security card self-service call 56560000 or your nearest to the Social Security Bureau or social security branch on-site consultation confirmed.相关的主题文章:

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