The reform of management rights management system provides network services to encourage the parade car about franchise reform management system to provide network services to encourage car cruising about cities in the government should establish the right to operate the configuration and management system based on service quality and reputation oriented, the new taxi franchise are the time limit, shall not be implemented without time limit. According to the opinions of the implementation, the new taxi management rights are implemented free of charge and shall not change the business entity. The existing taxi franchise business entities need to change in time, to change the procedures in accordance with the law, and shall not be allowed to transfer speculation. At the same time, the city will gradually abolish the paid use fee. In addition, taxi operators should sign labor contracts or business contracts with the driver according to law. Encourage, support and guide taxi enterprises, associations and drivers equal consultations, according to the operating costs, freight changes and other factors to reasonably determine and dynamically adjust the taxi contract fee standard or quota task. Parade car price to implement government pricing or government guidance, and included in the "Heilongjiang province pricing catalog" (ground), municipal government (administrative office) should consider the taxi operating costs, residents and driver’s income level, traffic conditions, service quality and other factors, scientific and timely adjust the tariff level and structure of car rental. We should establish a dynamic adjustment mechanism for taxi fares, improve the pricing rules, improve the linkage between freight and fuel prices, and give full play to the leverage role of the freight rate in regulating the supply and demand relationship of the taxi market. Encourage cruise car enterprise transformation to provide network appointment, call service, and promote the integration of the platform with the Internet call platform, to promote the use of non cash payment in line with financial standards, to facilitate the public ride. Actively promote the construction of green taxi industry, according to the relevant provisions of the state to speed up the phasing out of old taxis, encourage the promotion of the use of clean energy and new energy taxi, guide the new and updated taxi priority use of new energy vehicles.

改革经营权管理制度 鼓励巡游车提供网约服务   改革经营权管理制度 鼓励巡游车提供网约服务   各市地政府要建立以服务质量信誉为导向的经营权配置和管理制度,新增出租汽车经营权一律实行期限制,不得再实行无期限制。   《实施意见》要求,新增出租汽车经营权全部实行无偿使用,并不得变更经营主体。既有的出租汽车经营权在期限内需要变更经营主体的,要依法变更手续,不得炒卖和擅自转让。同时,各市地将逐步取消有偿使用费。   此外,出租汽车经营者要依法与驾驶员签订劳动合同或经营合同。鼓励、支持和引导出租汽车企业、协会与驾驶员平等协商,根据经营成本、运价变化等因素合理确定并动态调整出租汽车承包费标准或定额任务。巡游车运价实行政府定价或政府指导价,并纳入《黑龙江省定价目录》,各市(地)政府(行署)要综合考虑出租汽车运营成本、居民和驾驶员收入水平、交通状况、服务质量等因素,科学制定、及时调整出租汽车运价水平和结构。建立出租汽车运价动态调整机制,健全作价规则,完善运价与燃料价格联动办法,充分发挥运价调节出租汽车运输市场供求关系的杠杆作用。鼓励巡游车企业转型提供网约、电召服务,并推进电召平台与互联网召车平台的融合,推广使用符合金融标准的非现金支付方式,方便公众乘车。   积极推进绿色出租汽车行业建设,按照国家有关规定加快淘汰老旧出租汽车,鼓励推广应用清洁能源和新能源出租汽车,引导新增和更新出租汽车优先使用新能源汽车。相关的主题文章:

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