Elder-Care People love to learn, and mostly the only reason they stop, is the lack of resources. Thats why book donation be.es very important. Books are like doorways to a different world, and to keep that doorway open you should read as much as possible. The habit of reading books The interest in books doesnt develop because you have studied a lot or because you have a lot of spare time to read, but it .es from the sheer interest to learn about different things. I know its not an easy habit, but people who love books live by nothing else but that. There are many people who spend more on their books than the clothes that they wear. Why its important to read books? There are many children who love to read, but because they dont have the resources, they do not get a chance to read well. Thats why we at the Relief India Trust believe that donating books is as important as donating organs. Organs save peoples lives, however, books build character and help them in life, as they get to learn many things just through the books. If you look at any childrens book, it always tells you about hope and how the good always wins over the evil. This is what we need to cultivate in our children. There is no way we can do that, other than getting them hooked to books. Getting hooked is one thing, making sure they read is another. Donating books The Relief India Trust believes that no donation is small, if books are all you have to donate, then we would be more than happy to take these from you. The books that you donate to us are used for teaching poor children and the books which are not for kids we use those in our library. These books are accessible to anyone to read for free. How books can help poor children? This is what is helping us in cultivating the reading habits in younger and adolescent kids. They may be reading it for the first time. These stories and morals help build good characters. Giving them hope that all is not over and they have many more things to look forward in life. They can achieve many more things and get away from the miserable situation of their life that they are in right now. This hope is what makes our work much more successful and helps us in making a difference. You can contribute If you have books old or new that you want to donate then all you have to do is call the Relief India Trust. We will make arrangements for the books to reach us. You can also personally .e and donate them; then stay back and look at what difference you have made. You can also volunteer to read books out loud to the children residing in our .plex and share your dreams with them. You can donate books of schools or just books to spend time reading. We just need your thought for these things and that thought is what counts. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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