RetroFlex-S help without anti camera change super 8mm camera, this should have become the history of super 8mm camera, under the impetus of the retro trend, in recent years there is a new stage on the trend. Although it’s hard to see one hand on the street, there are still a lot of people trying to find memories of the past. Now, if you want to feel the super 8mm camera, and don’t want to invest money on film, Redrock’s RetroFlex-S might be a good choice. Recently, Redrock company has officially introduced a device that can transform an anti camera into an ultra 8mm camera. The product combines the professional handle, viewfinder and camera cage, suitable for handheld shooting, street shooting and other shooting environment. The earlier RetroFlex-S only supported the Blackmagic Pocket Camera camera, while in the latest version, RetroFlex-S joined the support of the SONY APS-C series without counter cameras. However, the product is not cheap, to buy a RetroFlex-S needs to pay 545 dollars (about 3556 yuan), equivalent to the price of an entry-level camera.

RetroFlex-S助力无反相机变身超8mm摄像机   本应已经成为历史的超8mm摄像机,在复古风潮的带动下近年来又有重新登上舞台的趋势。虽然再难在大街上见到人手一部,但的确还是有不少人在试着找 回过去的回忆。现在,如果大家想要感受一下超8mm摄像机的风采,而又不想把资金投资在胶片上,Redrock的RetroFlex-S或许会是一个不错 的选择。   近日,Redrock公司正式推出了一款能够将无反相机变身为超8mm摄像机的器材。这款名为产品整合了专业手柄、取景器和相机笼,适用于手持拍 摄、街头拍摄等多种拍摄环境。早前的RetroFlex-S只能支持Blackmagic Pocket Camera相机,而在最新的版本中RetroFlex-S则加入了对索尼APS-C画幅系列无反相机的支持。不过该产品并不便宜,购买一部 RetroFlex-S需要支付545美元(约3,556元人民币),相当于一部入门相机的价格。相关的主题文章:

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