Return to china! KUKA battles will counter attack next year or super Luneng? [collection] Seoul Luneng 3-1 shot Monti world wave Stankovic sports news August 31st Tencent still remember KUKA? The former Shandong Luneng coach in two seasons, the team won the FA Cup Brazil coach next season is expected to stand in the super stadium side. According to the "Universal Sports" senior reporter, Brazil football mind Bruno wolo West broke the news, has been basically determined to leave next year KUKA and Palmeiras, he is likely to return to the China coach. Had been ousted by KUKA Luneng after, it seems to complete their unfinished business in China. Foreign media at Palmeiras have screenshots KUKA very moist, Pakistan in the season standings with 3 points, temporarily Palmeiras beat Flamengo, ranked first in the league, so the KUKA also left Brazil two years later, the country ranks first among the new coach. At the beginning of this year, and only signed a KUKA Palmeiras year contract, so the contract term under the condition of There is not much left. widely, speculation has begun to renew and Palmeiras KUKA work. However, unfortunately, now coincides with Palmeiras change at the top to get a new contract, KUKA, confirmation must wait until the new chairman of the club. Therefore, the renewal was delayed, but was given back to China KUKA opportunity. Volosi said in his own column, Palmeiras will have to find a new coach next year, KUKA has determined not to contract with the team. Volosi further pointed out, has been very close to China coach KUKA, and has "verbal agreement" to join a Chinese club, currently able to determine that the club is not their old club Shandong Luneng, but the specific identity is unknown. KUKA Luneng or counter attack? In Luneng coach during, KUKA is a famous character coach, he led the champion, the football association has also been suspended for 7 months. By the end of 2013, KUKA Luneng and signed a 3 year contract, the annual salary of about 3 million euros, but at the end of last year, announced the termination of KUKA luneng. In the evaluation of Chinese, KUKA but undeniable, get both praise and blame, he led the Super League Luneng has a very competitive team, and won the FA Cup champion long burner for the team. This time, must invite him to coach the team, certainly have good financial and ambition. If I can return to China next season, and is expected to meet the KUKA Luneng staged drama, 2017 Super League season will be more of a surprise. (Yalugelu)相关的主题文章:

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