Networking Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. to be aware of the founding companies to accelerate their product development and innovation, the establishment of systematic and comprehensive after-sales service network and accurately grasp the pulse of the market, organize production according to market demand, allocation of resources, optimize the product structure, develop market, increase revenue to the development of faster and better. Comprehensive production features of today’s mining industry point of view, broken machines, milling machines and other mining machinery and equipment are becoming a large, digital intelligence and ecological energy conservation. Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. As the first crusher, grinding machine equipment manufacturer, has been continuously forge ahead, always standing trade front. Hongxing machines are taking every step, there were not closely meet the domestic mining, chemical industry, road construction industry’s actual production and demand, market demand for the most fundamental basis for strong technical support for R & D strength, star machine as one by one excellent large-scale construction projects equipment suppliers. The coming year will be the rapid growth of the world’s mining machinery industry, the year, especially in China’s mining equipment manufacturers, the rare opportunities for development. In early 2008, a substantial price rise of raw materials, steel prices have temporarily exceeded 6000 yuan / ton, to the crusher and sand making industry to bring enormous pressure. To do this in order to ensure the enterprise is unlikely to reach a tacit understanding between the loss-making enterprises, one after another price increase. Into the second half of 2008, and the burst of the international financial crisis, decline in the purchasing power, raw materials, lower prices, large number of enterprises under the action of various factors such as inventory, broken machines and Sand became the industry hardest hit by one of the products, especially exports enterprise. The fourth quarter of 2008, due to various factors have led to most of the breakers and sand making business heavy losses, or even stop production. In 2009, with the international financial crisis slowly decreases, steel prices fell again to 3,000 yuan / ton, raw materials, pressure drop. After the first few months of production control, inventory of all businesses have to digest almost the same. However, the market has failed to restore the purchasing power, especially in overseas markets. Hongxing Mining Machinery’s exports from the single-display, in order to Russia and other countries on behalf of the breakers and sand making product sales and a decrease compared to previous years. Iron ore Vibrating feeder:..crusher-machine../7.html About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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