The search engine to check the personal information upload photo ID card need to be cautious – Beijing, "be careful, you stay in some website real name authentication when holding ID photos can be easily found by the search engine." Recently, the reader Mr. Liu found that circulated in the circle of friends with such a message, he try holding the mentality of a few key input in a search engine, I found a bunch of handheld ID photoshoot. "Some of our personal information and so on the network streaking, if used by criminals, it is really too terrible." To this end, Mr. Liu is very worried. Upload personal information to be especially careful to remind reporters enter the "handheld ID" keyword in the search engines, you can see a lot of people with ID photos, the display part on the photo ID information clearly. The date and the ID card holder includes name, residence, birth. Although many photo ID card information is blurred, but there are still some people seem shocking photos. And these are not blurred identity card photos are registered on the help of some kind of website, and some are looking for work and business cooperation platform. The reporter saw, although in the original page, the handheld ID photos is relatively small, the above words almost can not see clearly, but through the search engine, can be downloaded to a clearer picture, and relevant information on the ID card can also be easily identified. In some of the business class website, the parties upload photos of the handheld ID is more. Reporters found in the search engine, a woman holding a photo of the front face of the ID card is very clear, all the information on the ID card can easily see. When you click on the link query source file, the reporter noted, this image is from a micro business website selling cosmetics, although unable to query to the agent specific information displayed on the card on the site, but in the search engine page, ID card information to the merchant’s crystal clear, and high resolution. Weapon may require the other party to assume the obligation of confidentiality recently, because lead to personal information leaks and other problems of telecommunications fraud emerge in an endless stream. Confidentiality of personal information is particularly important in the Internet era. The senior partner of the Law Firm lawyer Xu Hao told reporters that the identity of criminals once mastered, is likely to use client ID information for bank card, phone card to engage in fraudulent activities or malicious overdraft. Xu lawyers believe that some of the real name authentication website, such as WeChat public account, some business platform, because if you are required to upload identity information of the parties can not provide true identity, once a problem, the electricity supplier platform to undertake the corresponding responsibility, so they can request the parties to upload the identity information, but ask for upload your true information at the same time, electronic business platform also needs to shoulder the duty of confidentiality. To upload identity information on one side, it has the obligation to keep confidential, the use of ID card is only limited to the registration, can not let the unwitting third party informed, if leaked to bear the responsibility, if yu相关的主题文章:

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