Shenzhen: criminals into a restaurant just to steal credit card information stolen credit card brush, always haunt us, have a credit card stolen brush case for newspapers. When credit card information leaked, people will always have a variety of ways to disclose the question: why do not leave the card stolen?" However, behind the leakage of information is well intentioned criminals meticulous planning. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Futian District people’s Procuratorate of a case in order to steal information actually incognito to the restaurant when the case. The Guangzhou Daily reporter correspondent Huang Yao   completely; the new employee’s strange Wei is the manager of Shenzhen Futian District an upscale restaurant foreman, the afternoon of April 20, 2016, he found a strange phenomenon: an employee of yesterday’s incoming Lee in the customer credit card bill, and not in accordance with the provisions of the customer guide the service desk to pay, but their love holding a POS machine to the guests to pay, and he was standing next to the guest card when staring at the guests. The manager felt Wei Lee’s behavior is very suspicious, reminiscent of News reported criminals and staff collusion to steal credit card information case, then to another management personnel secretly observed on Lee’s behavior. The next day at 8 pm, after observation and monitoring evidence, finally Lee is the original The case is entirely cleared., a waiter by undercover, the actual copy of credit card information theft. The final 6 months for the investigation, Lee real name is Feng Moumou, apply for the position of the restaurant to submit proof of identity are fake, as of the incident, he has been in the restaurant on the three credit cards were recorded. Feng Moumou was arrested after he confessed to the crime, and thus leads to a hidden channel of credit card information leakage: undercover. According to Feng Moumou confession: in early April 2016, a friend said someone to steal credit card information can make money. Steal the information you need to find the source of information, the restaurant became their object. Later, a friend gave him a card reader and a called Moumou identity card, agreed to steal a credit card information to pay him 200 yuan reward. April 19th, Feng Moumou to Moumou identity to apply to the aforementioned restaurant waiter. He will often take the initiative to give POS customers a single brush, and in the operation of POS machine and the customer stood beside the customer password secretly markings. After taking advantage of the surrounding no one, will be recorded under the customer’s password and card number using a special credit card machine recorded. But Feng Moumou did not think that his abnormal behavior has attracted the attention of others. Futian District people’s Procuratorate to steal credit card information on the crime of Feng Moumou prosecuted according to law, the court of first instance found that the defendant Feng Moumou theft of credit card information, was sentenced to six months and fined. Card consumption needs to improve the defense awareness reporter then learned that Feng Moumou is not an example, in large restaurants and other consumer entertainment, but also lurks more than one Feng moumou". Futian District people’s Procuratorate prosecutor handling the case, said the hope that through this case, the customer and consumer entertainment can play a dual warning role: first,.相关的主题文章:

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