"More than" crime and other downline   after the rectification after the network drama how to shoot? — people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn original title: after rectification of network drama to how to shoot? Domestic network drama was the explosive growth, covering fantasy, suspense and horror, rot and other subjects, featuring many flowers small meat, also let the network drama become the object of capital chasing the market. The brutal growth of the network drama, so that this year, repeatedly touch the high-voltage wire. From January onwards, "promotion", "Princess", "Wu Xin the monster killer," addictive "Tomb notes" and other hit series in the relevant network platform or "optimization" line, or completely off the shelf. In recent days, more than sin, the crime division, Diablo 2 and other subjects involved in the second installment of the shelf rectification network drama. Once seemed to be able to shoot anything, the drama, there is a clear boundary. How does this boundary form and what impact? And stand in the same boundary of the network drama practitioners and traditional TV, and will go to where? Review of the TV series will be unified with the TV series and TV drama review what is the difference? In fact, China’s domestic TV drama is the implementation of the trial system, and the network drama is a self trial system. "Special audit" refers to the content of the examination agency has administrative level, the content of the review personnel requirements are higher, the content of the review process. Compared with the TV censorship system, the use of self audit mode of network drama audit is more relaxed. Broadcast before the audit authority delegated to the broadcast mechanism "the broadcast". That is, who is responsible for the network who is responsible for the principle, where broadcast where trial, after the first trial broadcast. Compared to the shooting drama, the threshold of the network drama is much lower. One engaged in the production and distribution of network drama for 4 years, the industry told the Beijing News reporter, before there is a saying, what can be done to shoot the net play, no matter what you do not understand, the money to do. Some people even take 200 thousand will be able to take part in the network movie, the quality is very. After the completion of the trial by the network video platform, if the trial is not good, it changed the plot to change the content, remove some of the bad lens." Network platform is a drama of the first instance, but because the platform is different, there is no uniform standards, the audit is uneven. However, in 2015 the national TV drama industry annual meeting, the State Press and Publication Administration of radio drama Secretary Li Jingsheng and Internet audio-visual program management Secretary Luo Jianhui in the theme of the report, said publicly that will strengthen the management of network drama and the network homemade program: "why not broadcast TV, network". By the outside world as a network drama policy tightening signal. It was announced: online and offline TV play will be unified standard, site trial auditors need to accept the administration of training and assessment, since the trial broadcast after the hot lead plays will be further by our expert management audit team audit summary, doubt will be further considered, 24 hours of uninterrupted monitoring. The type to cater to young people, but can not touch ball net play development impact on the pattern of making very influential, traditional drama. In recent years, both the "bone", "flower Qingyun," Zhi "," old nine door "-" a fan based network IP drama hit, or "Tomb notes", "psychological crime", "Diablo 2" ")相关的主题文章:

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