Home-Based-Business There has been an explosion of social networking sites over the past few years. Watching my woman entertaining herself one evening I started to wonder why that is? Why are sites like MySpace, Facebook, etc popping up all over the place and furthermore why did Tom sell it for hundreds of millions of dollars. Not only that, the .pany that bought it from him resold it for $500 million or some absurd number like that. I was trying to figure it out because that didnt seem to make any sense to me. Well maybe it did since these sites get double the web traffic of eBay or Amazon easily. But still how were these sites making money and could I make some maybe? So I thought about it and began to do some research on this whole social networking phenomena. Im usually only on there for recreation once in a while. My significant other, well, lets just say she frequents MySpace more than I do on a weekly basis. She keeps our with our friends and family. She loads our digital photos for others to view and checks out their photos too. She sends messages, no wait emails, no its messages on MySpace right & makes .ments to our friends pages. She barely checks her email and that has at least what I would consider to be more important messages in it. Then it hit me that shes normal like many other people who hop onto MySpace, Facebook or whatever to connect with everyone. Not to mention its kind of fun to check out peoples profiles and see what theyve been doing lately or what music they have on their page. Sometimes its easier to get a hold of people on there than it is to get them on the phone even though most of us walk around with them literally attached to our hips. So then it made sense to me why these sites are so popular. You can surf tons of profiles, connect with current or lost friends, find all types of music groups, play with and pimp your page and whatever else you can do on there. I mean most of us like to socialize and this site makes it so easy for even those who dont have no or little .puter skills. I mean if Tila Tequila can get her own TV show A Shot A Love with Tila Tequila from her massive number of friends when she was virtually nobody before then I think that about says it all. Thats the power of social .working sites and I decided to get invloved. I signed up for this FREE newsletter with this young kid who wasnt even out of college. After a reading a few of his emails and watching some of his free videos I figured if he could do it so could I. I mean I was going to be on MySpace anyway so why not use to make a little money. If you are interested in getting the free newsletter and videos then please visit my site. I have lots of other FREE information there you may find useful as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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