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cyber criminals Reports Say Russians Hacked Irs Identities Posted By: Robert Siciliano CNN recently reported that the data breach of the IRS, which occurred between this past February and May, originated from Russia. The crooks were able to steal tax returns from over 100,000 people. The thieves filed a total of $50 million in tax refunds, having obtained personal data to get ahold of the data. In other words, this crime wasn AND rsquo;t a hacking job. The Russians didn AND rsquo;t hack into the IRS AND rsquo;s network through some AND ldquo;back door AND rdquo; or social engineering scheme. They actually entered through the front door, using the personal data they had obtained. Just how the breach came about is not yet known. The IRS AND rsquo;s Criminal Investigation Unit, plus the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, are trying to figure it all out. The FBI is also involved. Americans have no reason to feel secure about the protection of their tax data. For years, there have been security concerns by the leaders, and this latest Russian incident has fueled the flames. Orrin Hatch, the Republican Senate Finance Committee Chairman, has stated: AND ldquo;When the federal government fails to protect private and confidential taxpayer information, Congress must act. AND rdquo;

IRS Knowbe4 Automates Security Awareness Training For It Posted By: Renee Sandler More than ever, employees are the weak link in network security. Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training is a high quality, interactive training program that uses case-studies, live demonstration videos, and short tests, combined with frequent year-round simulated phishing attacks. Case studies end with a short multiple choice test, and a phishing quiz is presented at the end of the training. KnowBe4 specializes in making sure employees understand the mechanisms of spam, phishing, spear-phishing, malware, and social engineering, and later able to apply this knowledge in their day-to-day job. The new Training Campaigns feature will allow organizations to better control their training environment. KnowBe4 Training Campaigns provides learning management system functionality which gives IT an easy way to manage user training while providing sophisticated reporting. Training Campaigns allow an organization to create ongoing or deadline-based training campaigns for their employees. These campaigns can contain any or all of the courses and limit course availability by group. Training Campaigns can be set up to automatically send e-mail invitations and signup links to users, prompting them (at various intervals) to complete training by a specified time-frame. This functionality also allows administrators to train a group of users and pass them all at once.

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security 412-79v8 Ec-council Certified Security Analyst Posted By: David J Prado The 412-79v8 EC-Council Certified Security Analyst is a testing procedure, which has been designed for bringing the best and most competent professionals with sound knowledge of security forward. It is all about testing your potentials and verifying them so that you can develop a sound career on its bases. Actually the EC-Council Certified Security Analyst is something, which you can regard as the comprehensive and detailed training program, which provides guidance related with the jobs and roles which have been assigned to the security professionals and the main focus is upon using the testing methods and study procedures, which have been introduced by the EC-Council. 412-79v8 EC-Council Certified Security Analyst You should attend these kinds of courses and training programs if the focus is upon earning the above mentioned qualification because it will verify your skills in a comprehensive way and your portfolio will get the much needed advantage.

412-79v8 Certifications Book Jk0-023 Comptia Network+ Certification Exam Posted By: David J Prado JK0-023 CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam takers that are planning to take the CompTIA Network+ exam should have vital knowledge related to the certification. The individuals should also have the suggested amount of experience on the side of networking. JK0-023 CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam main course outline is given as under: The applicant has to know the importance of implementing network segmentation which consists of SCADA systems/Industrial control systems, Legacy systems, Separate private/public networks, Honeypot/honeynet, Testing lab, Load balancing, Performance optimization, Security, Compliance, install and apply patches and updates, OS updates, Firmware updates, Driver updates, Feature changes/updates, Major vs minor updates, Vulnerability patches, Upgrading vs downgrading, Configuration backup, configure a switch using proper features, Native VLAN/Default VLAN, Forwarding/blocking, Filtering, Interface configuration, Virtual terminals, In-band/Out-of-band management, Managed vs unmanaged, configure wireless LAN infrastructure and implement the appropriate technologies in support of wireless capable devices, Small office/home office wireless router, JK0-023 CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam Wireless access points, Device density, Roaming, Wireless controllers, VLAN pooling, LWAPP, Wireless bridge, Site surveys, Heat maps, Frequencies, Connection types, Antenna placement, Antenna types, Omnidirectional, Unidirectional, Signal strength, Coverage, Differences between device antennas, Topologies, Infrastructure, Mobile devices, Cell phones, Gaming devices and Media devices.

JK0-023 Latest Certification Tests Ceh-001 Certified Ethical Hacker (ceh) Exam Posted By: David J Prado CEH-001 Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Exam is a brilliant exam in which the applicants need to get the skills and knowledge related to the ethical hacker which is governed in the field of information technology. The exam takers need to solve questions that are hundred and twenty five in number and be willing to achieve a passing level of seventy percent in the exam, where by the candidates have to solve all this in four hours of time. The format of the exam is given in multiple choices. CEH-001 Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Exam constitutes of the following topics that are, Enumeration AND System Hacking, Trojans and Backdoors AND Sniffer, DOS AND Social Engineering, Session Hijacking AND Web Servers, Web Applications AND Passwords, SQL injection AND Wireless, Hacking Wireless Networks, Viruses AND Novell, Linux AND Evasion, Buffer Overflows AND Cryptology. CEH-001 Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Exam takers need to learn about the objectives that are, given to the professionals which prove for authentic learning.

CEH-001 Coaching Kits How Hackers Use Linkedin To Scam Posted By: Robert Siciliano Hackers love LinkedIn because it links them in AND mdash;straight through the portal of the targeted company. Geez, how much easier could this be, what with all the publically-exposed e-mail addresses of key players (and also worker bees) in big companies that someone wants to hack. An article on was written by a white-hatter (his job is to try to hack his clients AND rsquo; systems so that they know how to make them more impenetrable to the bad guys). The author says he AND rsquo;d make a beeline to LinkedIn if he became a black-hatter. In addition to all of those revealed e-mail addresses, the hacker could also learn (without hacking, of course) what a business AND rsquo;s e-mail structure is. He can then compile a list of employees for his social engineering attacks. (Can you just see him watering at the mouth over this AND mdash;like putting a sizzling steak in front of a dog.) A phishing campaign could trick the targets into giving up crucial information AND mdash;essentially handing the company key to the hacker. The crook, however, knows better than to pull this stunt on IT employees.

linkedin scam Hacking Humans: How Cybercriminals Trick Their Victims Posted By: Robert Siciliano Intel Security has compiled a list of the top ways cybercriminals play with the minds of their targeted victims. And the chief way that the cybercriminals do this is via AND nbsp;phishing AND nbsp;scams AND mdash;that are designed to take your money. The fact that two-thirds of all the emails out there on this planet are phishy tells me that there AND rsquo;s a heck of a lot of people out there who are easily duped into giving over their money. I AND rsquo;m riled because many of these emails (we all get them) scream AND ldquo;SCAM! AND rdquo; because their subject lines are so ridiculous, not to mention the story of some befallen prince that AND rsquo;s in the message I bet there AND rsquo;s a dozen phishing emails sitting in your junk folder right now. Unfortunately, a lot of these scam emails find their way into your inbox as well. McAfee Labs AND trade; has declared that there AND rsquo;s over 30 million URLS that may be of a malicious nature. Malicious websites are often associated with scammy emails AND mdash;the email message lures you into clicking on a link to the phony website.

Identity Theft C_bobip_40: Learning About Sap Certified Application Associate Certifications Posted By: Judith M. Ehlers C_BOBIP_40: SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform 4.0 is a very good option for those that are interested to learn about the basic elements for the SAP Business Intelligence Platform 4.0 procedures along with the knowledge of fire sharing and many others which have been all summarized for the professionals in this exam. C_BOBIP_40: SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform 4.0 is a very good option for those that are interested to learn about the basic elements for the SAP Business Intelligence Platform 4.0 procedures along with the knowledge of fire sharing and many others which have been all summarized for the professionals in this exam. This C_BOBIP_40 PDF allows you to have greater skills and key knowledge in creating the most amazing skills and knowledge on the basis of the validation process, the exam is very much operative and so the exam takers first need to have professionals experience in being the working experts in the field for some period of time. C_BOBIP_40 Actual Exams: SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform 4.0 exam study modules include the following outline.

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CEH-001 training material Very Effective Social Engineering Scams Posted By: Robert Siciliano It AND rsquo;s amazing how ingenious cybercriminals are, but the victims also need to take some responsibility for falling for these ruses, especially when the victim is a business that has failed to train its employees in cybersecurity measures. Ransomware The stuff of science fiction is here: Who would have ever thought there AND rsquo;d ever be a such thing as criminals remotely stealing someone AND rsquo;s personal information (word processing files, any kind of image, etc.), scrambling it up via encryption, then demanding ransom in exchange for the remote AND ldquo;key AND rdquo; to AND ldquo;unlock AND rdquo; the encryption? Payment is remotely by Bitcoin which can AND rsquo;t be traced. The payment is usually at least $500 and escalates the longer the victim waits. The virus that poisons a computer to steal someone AND rsquo;s files is called ransomware, a type of malicious software (in this case, AND ldquo;Cryptolocker AND rdquo; and AND ldquo;CryptoDefense AND rdquo;). But how does this virus get into your computer in the first place? It AND rsquo;s called social engineering: tricking users into allowing their computer to be infected, or duping them into revealing personal information. Often, a phishing e-mail is used: It has an attention-getting subject line that entices the user to open it.

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Cloud Computing Solutions Mobile Employees Are A Security Risk Posted By: Robert Siciliano Not too long ago, the office computer filled an entire room. Now, it fills the palms of one-third of employees AND mdash;those workers who use only the mobile device for their jobs. Security, however, lags behind in keeping up with this growing trend. This is the BYOD generation: bring your own device (to work). IT departments need to keep one step ahead of this fast-growing trend. It AND rsquo;s here to stay, and one reason is because it AND rsquo;s responsible for significantly pumping up productivity. Employers love this. More productivity = higher profits. You AND rsquo;d think that some of these increased profits would be reinvested in security training that correlates to the BYOD movement, since the BYOD movement strongly correlates with an increase in data breaches and risks of breaches. But it AND rsquo;s not. Organizations still aren AND rsquo;t seeing the light. A recent Ponemon Institute survey reveals that for a large portion of employees, the mobile device is a first-line medium for conducting business. That one-third figure mentioned earlier is forecasted to jump to 50 percent over the next 12 months. With all the improvements in productivity comes a corresponding jump in the risks of data breaches AND mdash;both intentional and accidental. Posted By: Robert Siciliano Fa la la la la, la la la la. Yes that AND rsquo;s me singing, but thank goodness you can AND rsquo;t really hear me (I save that for the shower). If you can believe it, it AND rsquo;s that time of the year again (even though it seems like we just finished Halloween). Time for holiday parties, family traditions, ugly sweaters, and AND hellip; scams? Yes, that AND rsquo;s right. Now that the holiday season has begun, many of us are sharing, shopping and booking travel online AND mdash; even more than we normally do. And scammers know that with all that money and personal information floating around, they have a big opportunity. Using techniques like AND nbsp;phishing, AND nbsp;social engineering, fake charities and infected USB drives, cybercriminals can invade your privacy and drain your bank account. Don AND rsquo;t let these hackers and thieves dampen your holiday cheer. To help you stay safe this season, McAfee has compiled a list of the AND nbsp;12 Scams of the Holidays. Check it out and educate yourself on what scams you need to look out for this holiday season. Here AND rsquo;s some tips to help you stay safe during the holidays: Be careful when clicking. AND nbsp;Don AND rsquo;

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