"Solitary Fang" special Zhong Hanliang baby exposure fixing the heart with the Fang Sina entertainment news CO produced by the Huace Hatton’s blue Ling send music studio, television and other media, and not directed, Zhang Yongchen served as head writer, Zhong Hanliang [micro-blog] (Angelababy), Angela Baby, Gan Tingting, sun Yizhou [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Yu Bo [micro-blog], Medina, Qi hang, Sha Deng and other co starred in the TV series "reward" in September 6th alone not shot well, recently also exposed the first video — "heart with aromatic" Thanksgiving wrap featurette. The word with heart "starring picturesque Fang Fang’s" solitary animals finished, exposure of "heart with aromatic" Thanksgiving wrap featurette. "With the spirit of the heart", as the name implies, all connected to the influence of the lonely Fang, close to the lonely fang. As the first leaked video, Gu Fang rare generous, let a person see shooting style. "The heart with aromatic" Thanksgiving special pleasure to the fixing lens fixing opening, high cold lonely under the background of lively side jump in front of the crew. The video to the four stars and create new styles, the director used "Gu", "Fang", "no", "self" and "reward" five words at the beginning of a sentence, with the corresponding camera series. Several starred in the costumes appear on the screen, one by one out of the difficult, happy, bitter and happy. Throughout the "heart with aromatic" Thanksgiving wrap featurette, "feeling" is to convey the theme. Whether the characters of love, country love drama, or the work of like-minded emotion, friendship, the video are filled with warmth and gratitude. On behalf of the "solitary" Zhong Hanliang dressed in a white antique, "and I alone, but never lonely with the staff hard shots, as the cause of fighting alone people heart full and full. Baby "I hope there are years of youth and peers, with the fragrant" clothing lens, a youth behind, want to let more people play in view of heart after leaving the fragrance. "I’m Sun Yizhou in the interpretation of life time to do their own" out of solitary Fang’s true nature, create art, also do their own persist in. "I love the world while Gan Tingting enjoys the eyes clear and elegant" solitary Fang fate pursuit, see world prosperity and wealth, only willing to hold in front of the little bit of happiness. The director made not to say "I don’t expect perfection, but without regret, can not help but sigh and look forward to the demanding details of the TV series. Fixing the feeling of gratitude moving four as everyone knows, "not as" solitary Fang shoegaze novel IP, with tens of thousands of powerful original fans group, since the implementation of the selected star shooting, in general this is adapted from the novel of the same name of the TV series to abnormally high. In the face of public expectations, Gu Fang to come up with professional attitude and action to feedback, "heart with Fang" in a special fixing scene confirmed this point. Baby and Zhong Hanliang wearing a big red wedding dress, the dress has six floors, all with red silk sewing yarn, outside with red gold embroidered brocade. In fact, this dress only appeared in a play time, but it is exquisite and elegant enough to show intentions and sincerity. "Don’t reward" solitary Fang was originally a fictional world historical story, is also in the process of creation)相关的主题文章:

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