The Spring Festival + cold high last month prices in March rose CPI continuous expanding – Sohu news pictures from the National Bureau of statistics Beijing News News (reporter Sha Lu) the morning of February 18th, the National Bureau of statistics released in 2016 January, the national consumer price index (CPI). Data show that in January, CPI rose 1.8%, or 3 consecutive months of expansion. Yu Qiumei, Senior Statistician of the Bureau of Urban Statistics of the National Bureau of statistics, said that the rise of CPI in January was mainly due to three aspects. One is the strong cold weather affected the production and transportation of fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and fresh fruit prices rose 7.2% and 4%; the Spring Festival approaching, the market demand increases, pork prices rose 2.5%. The above three total impact CPI rose by 0.32 percentage points. The two is the winter, during the Spring Festival travel number increases, traffic and tourism prices rose significantly, from a nationwide perspective, air tickets, travel agency fees, long-distance car prices rose by 10%, 4.2% and 1.3%, the total impact of CPI rose 0.09 percentage points. The three is the Spring Festival approaching, demand for services increases, some services prices rose, the hourly nanny housekeeping services, such as hairdressing, clothing washing maintenance prices rose by 3%, 1.6% and 0.9%. Yu Qiumei said that in January CPI rose expanded 0.2 percentage points higher than last year in December, the main reason is the part classification price rose has expanded, pork, fresh vegetables, air tickets, travel fees rose 18.8%, 14.7%, 11.8%, 4.2% respectively, or last month to expand 4.8, 2.9, 9.5 and 3.4%. In addition, by the impact of rising labor costs, service prices rose higher, domestic service, hairdressing, beauty, clothing washing maintenance prices rose 7.4%, 5.5%, 4% and 3.1%. The national development and Reform Commission spokesman Zhao Chenxin 17, said that from the previous situation, since about 20 days before the holiday to the Spring Festival, food prices tend to increase to some extent. On the other hand, it has suffered from a wide range of cold wave and rain and snow, which has exacerbated the pressure of food prices, especially vegetables. But Zhao Chenxin said, although during the Spring Festival consumption peak appears in a large range of bad weather, but overall prices of vegetables is not seasonal, holiday fluctuations beyond.

春节+寒潮拉高上月物价 CPI连续3月涨幅扩大-搜狐新闻 图片来自国家统计局  新京报快讯(记者沙璐)2月18日上午,国家统计局发布2016年1月份全国居民消费价格指数(CPI)。数据显示,1月CPI同比上涨1.8%,涨幅连续3个月扩大。  国家统计局城市司高级统计师余秋梅表示,1月份CPI上涨较多,主要原因有三个方面。一是强寒潮天气影响了鲜菜、鲜果的生产和运输,鲜菜和鲜果价格环比分别上涨7.2%和4.0%;春节临近,市场需求增加,猪肉价格环比上涨2.5%。上述三项合计影响CPI环比上涨0.32个百分点。二是寒假、春运期间出行人数增加,交通和旅游价格上涨明显,从全国范围看,飞机票、旅行社收费、长途汽车价格环比分别上涨10.0%、4.2%和1.3%,合计影响CPI环比上涨0.09个百分点。三是临近春节,居民对服务的需求增加,部分服务项目价格上涨较多,保姆小时工等家政服务、美发、衣着洗涤保养价格环比分别上涨3.0%、1.6%和0.9%。  余秋梅表示,1月份CPI同比涨幅比去年12月份扩大了0.2个百分点,主要原因是部分分类价格同比涨幅有所扩大,猪肉、鲜菜、飞机票、旅行社收费价格同比分别上涨18.8%、14.7%、11.8%、4.2%,涨幅分别比上月扩大了4.8、2.9、9.5和3.4个百分点。此外,受劳动力成本上涨影响,部分服务价格同比涨幅较高,家政服务、美发、衣着洗涤保养、美容等价格同比分别上涨7.4%、5.5%、4.0%和3.1%。  国家发改委新闻发言人赵辰昕17日表示,从历年情况看,自节前20天左右到春节期间,食品价格往往会出现一定幅度的上涨。另一方面是遭遇大范围寒潮雨雪天气,加剧了食品,特别是蔬菜的价格上涨压力。但赵辰昕称,尽管春节消费高峰期间出现了大范围恶劣天气,但总体上蔬菜价格上涨未超出季节性、节日性波动范围。相关的主题文章:

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