Strict control of the down payment loan, prohibited illegal funds into the real estate development and strictly control the down payment loan funds into real estate development, non violation of the "notice" not only for buyers, for the real estate development side also has strict rules. Notice requirement is strictly prohibited buyers through personal consumption loans, personal business loans, credit card payments, such as payment of the first payment to increase the purchase of leverage, a breakthrough in the behavior of housing credit policy. Various banking institutions to find the existence of the first payment for the purchase of the property to support, to assist in the falsification of proof of income and other irregularities in the real estate agency, in order to resolutely stop the rectification of cooperation. The existence of the existence of false mortgage, zero down payment and other illegal acts of real estate development enterprises, the rectification shall not be corrected before the follow-up of credit funds or add new credit. At the same time, "notice" requirement, is strictly prohibited illegal funds into the field of real estate development. No bank funds for purchase. To strengthen the financial capital investment in the real estate sector supervision and management, strengthen the real estate development of upstream and downstream enterprises loans, loans and other related enterprises involved in real estate funds inside and outside the form of compliance and management of capital flows, prohibit the issuance and misappropriation of credit funds into the real estate field.相关的主题文章:

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