Metro screeners to buy tickets for the helpless girl said he was very helpful to help others 3 yuan money can do? A bowl of preserved egg porridge? Three steamed stuffed bun? A bottle of coke? Yes, they can! But sometimes, 3 yuan, this insignificant figure can make people warm for a long time. Although things have been in the past week, but recall the subway "timely assistance" screeners, 25 year old Han Shuai is still grateful. Cold rainy night girl in subway difficult Han Shuai told reporters, October 21st 21 am, just with friends after dinner, she walked into the subway line two to Jinrong Zhongxin Station, take the subway to go home. Brush a subway card on the sad reminder. I did not expect that the subway card will be no money, more sad reminder is that I did not bring a wallet, asking whether the subway staff can pay WeChat, the staff said the subway can not be." Han said, she was really very helpless, the WeChat intends to transfer the subway help other people, then it was late and catch up with the rain, so very few passengers in the station, even see people out of the station, mostly from a careless stay, which makes her even have no chance to open. Metro screeners help because subway card balance is insufficient, pocket is not putting cash to passers-by for help and failure, Han Shuai only lost out of the subway station. In the out of the checkpoint, helpless Han Shuai stayed in extraoral security, wondering how to go home. "When a subway security personnel came over, he politely asked me, ‘passengers, what happened to you?" I said my metro card balance is insufficient, want to recharge and no cash in his pocket, he asked me where to go, I said to the University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, he asked about colleagues, the ticket should be more money, ask when is 3 yuan of money, he gave me the money, I could say many thanks, he said nothing." Han Shuai recalled, the screeners look at the age of less than 30 years old, medium build, very handsome, not because of him, I really do not know what time to go home. Handsome feeling, although in the eyes of many people, 3 yuan of money very much, that is the price of a bottle of drink, but she passed to the infinite warmth in this cold night, he must be a big praise. At the same time, she will take the time to give 3 yuan back to the "warm man". Dialogue "subway warm man: help others but also very warm Han Shuai said the" subway warm man called Yan Yan, 31 years old this year, is a common security officer of Shenyang metro line two Jinrong Zhongxin Station. Yan Yan told reporters, this is a thing is not worth mentioning in daily work, almost every month, and he did not think, but simply want to help the girl, unexpectedly also attracted media attention. "My colleagues are doing better than me!" Yan Yan laughs. "At that time, the girl felt very embarrassed, and then approached to ask." Yan Yan said similar things happen, but not all of the passengers will take the initiative to pay back the money, but he does not care about the future, encountered a similar thing will help to help others, after all he is very warm. Mortal charity let people see, good, have been, never leave. In fact, Shenyang is a city full of love, as long as you carefully will find that, in fact, we have a lot of warm around each day.相关的主题文章:

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