Suspense theme network movie "death" in August 26th the whole memory online line – Sohu in the entertainment routine story and full screen cosmetic contact lenses with large summer, has emerged in the world of a stream. Director Liao Xiaofei, also called King Du Jinjing, Philippines, screenwriter, film suspense theme network big Zhao Chongyue, Du Xudong, Li Jianuo, Wang Jiaxi starred in "death" launched in August 26th in memory of each large network video platform, deductive science and conscience contest. The film by the Fengning Manchu Autonomous County Bibi love film culture limited company, China Film (Beijing) Co. Ltd. is the exclusive network issue, Wang Yueming served as executive producer, producer, Gong Xuemei served as executive producer. Upright scientist PK unscrupulous businessman scientist Li Yanqiu (Zhao Chongyue) and his team developed the read memory technology, and this technology is used to assist the police in handling cases. Li Yanqiu has a strong assets and was funded by the Liang Weidong (Du Xudong ornaments), on the eve of the company an important conference, Liang Weidong’s Huo Ling (Wang Aojiao) died mysteriously at home. In order to help Liang Weidong elution suspects, Li Yanqiu into the memory of Huo Ling, to find the truth. However, the truth is not as simple as the first to see, in order to return the dead justice, Li Yanqiu regardless of the limit of the body into the spirit of the spirit of the four-dimensional memory. In this process, Liang Weidong repeatedly blocked, and even bribing laboratory technician Du Fan Li Yanqiu (Wang Jiaxi ornaments) persecution. As an actor at the national level, Du Xudong had to "doctor", "planet" and other classic works had a wonderful performance, this is not the first time he played the villain. "Death" in memory of Du Xudong, a very vivid interpretation of Liang Weidong Lee can not back the image of merchants, in the beginning was suspected of murder motive, he disguised himself with a lewd look further to find the truth in the nouveau riche; block Li Yanqiu, he has to earn money as an excuse to sell the laboratory; finally uncover the conspiracy. He is sitting position of unscrupulous traders. Justice technology does not allow malicious use of the technology of the development of the memory of death, the intention is to maintain justice, with the help of the memory data to find the truth. However, Liang Weidong was trying to distort the facts of the technology, to do their own evil umbrella. Upright scientist Li Yanqiu resolutely not seeing such things happen, even if it means risking her life, Li Yanqiu and his assistant Lin Muxue (Li Jianuo ornaments) to expose the true face of beam. Just don’t allow malicious use of science and technology, Li Yanqiu and Lin Muxue love is touching. The movie is gradually presented in front of the audience to get form the suspense to the last minute, justice will persist in the end. "Death" is a memory to live up to the audience to look forward to, with a high level of suspense movie network quality, and the old-fashioned, no plot logic of some TV dramas in stark contrast.相关的主题文章:

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