A new session of the Taiwan legislature convenes the silence for the victims of the earthquake in Taiwan – Sohu news the new session of the "Legislative Yuan" over to the southern Taiwan earthquake. According to Taiwan’s "United Evening News" reported, Taiwan called the "Legislative Yuan" in the "February 19th open meeting before the start of the new hospital will be the" Legislative Yuan "Su Jiaquan led the executive team and all the" Legislative Yuan "is caused by the southern Taiwan earthquake casualties rose to a minute of silence. At 3:57 on February 6th, the magnitude 6.7 earthquake hit southern Taiwan, the worst hit in Tainan. Among them, the Yongkang crown building collapsed from east to west, the number of people killed in the building reached 115 people. Tainan municipal government official said 18 search personnel in the collapsed building to find the Dragon Crown Victoria previously "missing" 32 year old woman Lin Fei letter. So far, Tainan’s death toll from the earthquake rose to 117 people. Su Jiaquan before the start of the meeting said that the February 6th earthquake caused heavy casualties in southern Taiwan, let all the people of Taiwan feel sad and sad. With all the people present, stand up for a minute of silence.

台湾新一届“立法院”开议前为地震遇难者默哀-搜狐新闻   台湾新一届“立法院”开议前为南台湾地震默哀。   据台湾《联合晚报》报道,台湾所谓“立法院”2月19日开议,在“院会”开始前,新任“立法院长”苏嘉全带领行政团队及在场所有的“立委”为南台湾地震造成的伤亡起立默哀一分钟。   2月6日3时57分,6.7级地震袭击台湾南部,台南市受灾最为严重。其中永康区维冠大楼自东向西倒塌,楼内遇难人数达115人。   台南市政府相关负责人18日表示,搜寻人员在因地震倒塌的维冠金龙大楼下找到了此前列为“失踪人口”的32岁女子林函霏。至此,台南市因地震死亡的人数升至117人。   苏嘉全在会议开始前表示,2月6日南台大地震造成重大伤亡,让所有台湾人民感到痛心和不舍。说完带领在场所有人员起立默哀一分钟。相关的主题文章:

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