Teacher: I love to talk about "now he especially admired! 2012, Baiyun and his wife Guan Jianhua went to the Harbour Grand Kowloon to visit the astronaut Jing Haipeng, and posed for a photo together. Left for white clouds, right for Guan Jianhua, for Jing Haipeng. Original title: Teacher: to have Jing Haipeng in the eyes of white light, the light – Chinese military network reporter Zheng Wenda in October 20, 1934, "Red Star" Long March from the first payment to just across the river at all, on the human history of the great trek of the Red Army soldiers in hand. October 22, 2016, published an important speech President Xi in the 80 anniversary of the victory of the Red Army Long March memorial meeting "jiefangjun Bao" first "fly" into space astronauts Jing Haipeng and Chen Dong on the hand. 80 years, the sky dream syndrome! Today, "Jing Haipeng birthday" has become a hot word micro-blog search. In the Chinese network reporter to interview him in flight school when teacher tells you the white clouds, fifty to know your destiny is still behind in the long march of the astronaut trek story. Reporter: as a teacher of Jing Haipeng, would you like to talk about his first impression? What qualities do you attract most about Jing Haipeng? Baiyun: in the spring of 1988, I and several cadres will be more than 100 flying cadets graduated second aviation preparatory school from Baoding back to the twelfth flight of the Air Force Academy, in which Jing Haipeng. At that time, I was flying academy of sports teachers, had been in Yuncheng for 4 years. The first time I saw his gallant array, Hai Peng, who filled with a vigor and vitality, a look that is a qualified flying cadets. A slight taste of Yuncheng Mandarin, but also closer to the distance between us. Hai Peng has a natural appeal. Before each class, he set a good team report to me, that share and strength, always makes me think of Tiananmen square flag rising warrior, but a bit more mature. He is ambitious, serious and persistent, giving a broad-minded, ambitious feeling. Peng cheerful, at any time to see he is bright, bright, confident and modest, never see his face is not happy, this is commendable! This appeal, with the current popular words, is the positive energy, like a ray of light, can be quickly passed to everyone around. At that time, there were no astronauts in China, but I think he would have some interest in the future. That year, Hai Peng is the captain of the student team, leadership and organizational capabilities are relatively strong, to give him something reassuring. His comprehensive quality in this group of students is in the first row, either single parallel bars, 100 meters and 1500 meters, or flat? Function exercises, swimming and boxing, are excellent. Peng ran 12 seconds 8 meters at the time, but if the ash site is now plastic runway, ran 12 seconds is certainly no problem. He plays basketball extremely well, although he is not tall, but flexible and tough, positive Pinqiang, Peigemoqi, three point shooting is very high. Every time we play the game basically is three ball tactics around Peng, and win the game. Sometimes, when I take a rest in PE class, Hai Peng will come over and talk to me and smile and say, "can you play basketball for 10 minutes after class?" When he smiles, he is very cute and full of wit.相关的主题文章:

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