"The assassination game" "broken handprint poster in a dead palm game player Tencent entertainment news recently, 3D sci-fi movie" the assassination game "exposure" fragmentation fingerprints "version of the poster, the continuation of the previous film released" the end "version of the poster, handprint poster appalling effect is more intense, the end time officially started, posters, cold face mysterious challenger, against the remains of bones is particularly dignified. The challengers in the puzzle, the line of death is told again to refresh the audience’s expectations. "The assassination game" exposure "broken handprint poster game player fate is" control "recently, science fiction" assassination game "exposure" fragmentation fingerprints "version of the poster, gloomy cold style makes people shiver all over though not cold. The poster, ghastly skeleton wreckage scattered on the ground, the nameless statue loomed up, more fire sprang from the corner, everywhere reveal the breath with hair standing on end. In addition, a challenger poster in the dark, face contour, face grim, face hidden dangers, his fate can be reversed, once again become the focus of public attention. Multiple deep scenes are cut into the massive pictures together in the poster a handprint shape, the sense of fragmentation that upgrade thriller death is approaching, will control the fate of mankind the bad news came, let a person have the feeling in hell. It is reported that the film "the assassination game" come straight to the point, with the fatal death reality game rules, 11 challengers from all walks of life, to prove himself, win huge bonuses, aggressive to participate in the challenge. In the process of the game to win game player, have staged a cruel killing of the thrills of the strike a deep chord, the fighting spirit throughout the entire film, will make the whole audience tight heartstrings. After the death of a fantasy film broadcast multiple collection of a variety of disaster "assassination game" in foreign markets, the visual scene won praise from all walks of life wonderful. Some media said that the first movie "fatal" dream viewing experience, a collection of a variety of disaster scene, thrilling extent of the people can not help but several breath, viewing to be full of no urine, called the "annual visual effects of odd pieces". The film director Sarik Andreasyan said in an interview, to ensure that the audience can be more keenly aware of the deadly reality show hell, he chose the combination of the shooting style, with the reality of psychological warfare and deadly KEF interaction forward, breaking the film rhythm, narrative mode with the story to the audience in the process of anxiety to play the ultimate. At the same time, the film side also said, "the assassination game" death to reality as the carrier, in addition to a series of thrilling challenges too busy to attend to all humanity, complicated by the director to depict very carefully. On the line of life and death point, human desire, greedy glance, in front of the life and money choices let you Challenger intrigue, human struggle and wonderful psychological tactics will become another major part of the film. It is reported that the 3D film "the assassination game" by the Beijing Feng Wo Hui culture media Co., Ltd. and Beijing polymerization film culture media Co. Ltd., Beijing micro power television culture media Co., a joint venture company, landing national cinema, launched the brutal survival game with the audience. (Tencent news app movie channel, bringing together global film information)相关的主题文章:

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