The Bank of East Asia "public welfare fund of a kind" Draft event (Figure) – financial Sohu in new network on 25 August,   today, "by the Song Qingling foundation in Shanghai, the Bank of East Asia welfare fund" ("BEA charity fund") and the country’s top financial media financial first joined forces to jointly build a heavyweight public draft activities — "public Mstching" Finals held in Shanghai. The campaign aims to excellent public service organization (NGO) and interested in the public enterprises to build up a love docking platform, let more excellent NGO know to get more support for the society, but also allow more loving enterprises to be more efficient, easy to find high quality public projects. From the East Chinese executive vice president Lin Zhimin, first financial inspector general and the first financial community Foundation Chairman Fan Honggen, Shanghai Song Qingling foundation Deputy Secretary General Yang Ye, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (Chinese) press officer Xu Nan, the Shanghai city social organization evaluation and interpretation of the statement NGO Project Institute Vice president Wang Zhengmin and other public areas senior experts of the professional jury of depth reviews, and give professional advice. "Public Mstching" activities started since mid June this year, received a total of more than 100 NGO application has received wide attention in various fields NGO. After a rigorous screening, preliminary auditions, experts of the layers, and the public opinion feedback professional experts in the field of public voting fusion group, the final selection of the top ten public project finalist. The final scene is brilliant, the atmosphere is warm, outstanding representatives of the NGO through the full display of public projects and the depth of interpretation, to attract the love of corporate matching funding, competition for more than one million yuan of public funds. Shanghai Pudong Guardian finally hand in hand life care development center "hospice programs, angel?" Shanghai Qing Cong Quan children’s intelligence training center under the blue sky "Star" program and Shanghai dumplings together deaf firm silent classroom charity project with outstanding project special advantage won the top talent shows itself. At the same time, the event also attracted from the consumer goods, technology, healthcare and insurance industries guanmatuan in support, love and charity refueling help. East Asia China executive vice president Lin Zhimin said: " public Mstching " is an innovative exploration of the Bank of East Asia public welfare fund. We found that a lot of good NGO are faced with the lack of resources, financing channels, low awareness of the plight, and on the other hand, hope to join the public love business and often difficult to find suitable high-quality public projects, so we hope that through " public to touch " model of innovation, further integration of high-quality public service resources, vigorously synergy Bank of East Asia welfare fund, gathered the parties to work together to benefit more people who need help." As the establishment of public funds as early as foreign banks in mainland China, East Asia China is committed to long-term care and help young people in poor areas of education, the public fund is mainly focus on the "firefly", "Bank of East Asia College grants" and "non-profit organization funded plan" three core projects.相关的主题文章:

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