The biggest secret in the pharmaceutical sector who sneaked into the heavily loaded? (with 40 shares) – Sohu securities market this year, the lack of integrity opportunities, highlighting the role of large consumer sector highlights. Among them, the liquor, household appliances, bio pharmaceutical sector is expected to take over as the last quarter of the leading sector. The plate performance is stable and reasonable valuation, is the agency chiefs who dare to sneak into the industry emboldened lies? From the two quarter holdings of private equity, private institutions have begun opening the bio pharmaceutical sector; since the first quarter of this year, the proportion of the brokerage asset allocation is the highest chemical and biological medicine two plates; investment style has always been the "longest feeling" of the social security fund, the second quarter, the focus of the industry and biological medicine? Health industry is expected to usher in a new round of government investment, which will also be the development situation of the pharmaceutical industry entered a rapid development period of the powerful internal support of the pharmaceutical sector in the sub sector there is a clear differentiation. From the sub sector reported the main income situation, the top three are: medical services, medical equipment, biological products, including median revenue growth were 31.79%, 16.98% and 16.28%? From the growth point of view, to benefit from the industry boom and high growth performance is fast and has high uncertainty the company Hualan (002007), Hengrui medicine (600276) and (000661) Changchun high concern; choose from the industry to benefit from the increased concentration and stimulus dual catalytic angle, Kyushu (600998), Shanghai Pharmaceutical (601607) and Sichuan Pharmaceutical (600566) three stocks selected "investor" researcher Jin Li since the three quarter, A stock market in the "artificial Manniu" to suppress abnormal dull rhythm. Several days of silence but by virtue of the bio pharmaceutical sector than expected performance, set off a wave of structural market in the middle of the year, recently become one of the few bright spots in the market. Wind data show that in the downtown pressure on the economy, especially since 2015 by controlling health care costs, hospital "medicine accounted for influence factors such as the decline than" policy, bio pharmaceutical industry still maintained two digit growth performance. In the industry view, this performance exceeded market expectations, but also highlights the strong defensive characteristics of the pharmaceutical sector. See private equity positions from the two quarter, some institutions have already begun to add bio pharmaceutical stocks. According to private sources revealed that the basis of the pharmaceutical sector is overweight, the fundamentals of the industry is undergoing significant changes worthy of investor attention, some of the leading listed companies once again enter the buying range. This may mean that, in the market this year round of speculation consumption category under the background of the liquor, household appliances, bio pharmaceutical sector performance is expected to support the successor, become the second half of the consumer concept of vancouver. The largest private into the A stock market trends, holdings of private equity bigwigs have been regarded as the "barometer of market speculation". From the two quarter holdings of private equity, private institutions have begun opening the bio pharmaceutical sector. Private equity holdings data show that although the two quarter of the total holdings of heavily loaded plate;相关的主题文章:

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