The Cultural Festival tour Jiaore Jingchu peak return today at 6 points yesterday, Hubei province tourist door, ushered in the Mid Autumn Festival holiday tourists peak. According to the Provincial Tourism Commission statistics, 26 key tourist attractions tourists 340 thousand and 182 passengers, tourism revenue of $32 million 971 thousand and 800, compared with the first day of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday grew by 39.05% and 28.68%. The Cultural Tourism Festival and Mid Autumn Festival Tourism jiaore. Throughout the Mid Autumn Festival theme tourism activities, each with its own characteristics. Yellow Crane Tower poetry recital, invite visitors to spend the "poetic" Mid Autumn Festival ", send" "full moon" "play" "worship" of four parts, respectively, with musical performances, dance performances, singing songs Chinese wind and the teacher read aloud the way of feeling with the mid autumn festival. Wuhan Mulan Tianchi held the Tianchi Lake in the autumn camping festival will be, let visitors in the Moonlight "it does"; Mulan held a bonfire and open-air cinema, attracting many tourists. In 2016 fourth China · Huanggang into the Dabie Mountains drifting Contest Finals ended in Hong’an; competition brings "drift hot" continues, Yingshan peach and Xishui mountain river rafting rafting rushed to attract a large number of tourists. Shiyan Wudang Mountains scenic area, the traditional cultural tourism project of Taoism morning and evening classes, the book of predictions, tea performances also attracted tourists favor. Led by cultural festivals, the province’s scenic tourist surge. East Lake Wuhan scenic area tourists 74 thousand and 400 passengers, Wuhan Mulan ecological tourist area of up to 57 thousand passengers, Shennongjia received a total of 32 thousand and 100 passengers. Three people, shennongxi Qianri doubled capacity. (reporter correspondent Chen Xi Xu Jinhua) according to AFP reported today in the return peak will appear before and after 6 p.m. the best time for the 4 highway town before the Mid Autumn Festival holiday is not free, but still congested road out of town. The day before yesterday morning, the reporter visited the city found that the metropolis daily traffic, not surprisingly, Dai Huang speed the direction of the city first appeared congestion is beyond expectation, Wuhan Hubei high Gong Jia Ling toll station first serious congestion. Wuhan Hubei since the opening of the high-speed, has been recommended as "out of the city to avoid blocking the channel", is the first time in the holiday period serious congestion. Reporters see High German map, the day before yesterday, Baishazhou Road, airport expressway, Optics Valley’s Huandao city channel are obvious congestion, the instant congestion index reached a maximum value of 5 10:52 in the morning, more than last year, this year’s "51" and "eleven" be roughly the same. Traffic police reminded today at 6 in the afternoon return peak will appear before and after, suggest that the majority of drivers at 4 in the afternoon before the city. (reporter Wu Changhua) the Mid Autumn Festival holiday second days, the overall flow of 17 national highway will usher in the return peak相关的主题文章:

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