The driver detour drops was bad hair at the threat of intimidation "detour" SMS passengers dispute review complaints driver source: Shaanxi drops terrorize passengers daily by express as a new traffic mode, is transforming the original travel consciousness of Xi’an citizens. However, in August 21st a network about car experience, but Mr. Deng’s life was completely disrupted. The driver detour 3 kilometers on August 21st in the afternoon, because and friends about the Yongxing square in the East Street to eat, worry about drinking, Mr. Deng did not drive through a bit of software called the car, it was rush hour, the taxi is not good, but also express the driver directly to pick up my cell door, very convenient." However, after dinner with friends, at 9 pm, Mr. Deng would like to call an express home, the process did not imagine smooth. Mr. Deng lived in Weiyang road of Fengcheng Royal Garden District, "from my home to the Yongxing square, the shortest distance is from Taihua South Road Ring Road, full of a total of 6.8 km, go slightly when the traffic jam lasted 26 minutes, cost is 19 yuan." Mr. Deng said, "but the return trip, the car driver was from the Weiyang Road, full of a total of 9.3 kilometers, cost is 26 yuan." "Although I made a detour, but the driver was very impatient, and all the way in the mobile phone with a micro channel, but are not wearing safety belt." Deng recalled that the day to take the train, is a license plate number for the white A193TK Fawkes, the driver is a young man. Bad review complaints of intimidation tremble with fear to the destination, afraid of conflict, Mr. Deng will pay off the car, then home to a star and the evaluation of the driver, the driver complaints detour, but he did not think that this is a simple evaluation, let him take a few days living in a mess. After the night of comments, more than 12 in the middle of the night, they received a driver’s abusive text messages." Mr. Deng said, "the ten, the content of the message is a personal attack, humiliation, threat and other content, blame I gave him a bad review, and also threatened to let me be careful." Yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw Mr. Deng in Beijiao, he was taking a round of the company’s return call, when the morning received a text message, from 22 to start, I have been to the company complaints drops." The reporter saw Mr. Deng’s mobile phone, he and the driver two or three page message records, the driver repeatedly use vulgar words for him to abuse, and even mentioned that a few people see the side, with good medical expenses and other words in front of the company drops. Time continued until two or three in the middle of the night, he sent me back to the beginning, I do not reply to the back, but also has been a text message came in, that night until at about five in the morning, I barely slept for a while." There is no satisfactory answer because there is no drops of the company’s phone, the second day early in the morning, Mr. Deng on the platform by dropping a number of complaints related to the software company. "I take screenshots throughout the course of events sent to them, but never received a reply." Qian Deng相关的主题文章:

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